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  • How To Make a Lockback Knife

    The lockback knife has a device that allows the blade of the knife to securely lock in place when the blade is extended to its full length.
  • How To Make Burlap Place Mats

    One of the best materials that you can use for making place mats is burlap. Burlap is very cheap and is made from organic fibers that are safe and nontoxic.
  • How To Make Candy Bouquet Mugs

    Thinking of gifts for your friends this Christmas? One of the easiest giveaways that you can make are candy bouquet mugs.
  • How To Make a Jewelry Rack

    These are the easy steps on how you can make your own jewelry rack without spending a lot of money, perfect for your your necklaces and bracelets.
  • How To Make a Kissing Ball Wedding Decoration

    Aside from being bouquet substitutes, the kissing ball, a flower arrangement, is also great for wedding decorations.
  • How To Make a Lace Parasol

    If you are going to a costume party or if you want to have a parasol as a decoration for your home, you do not need to purchase one. You can make your own lace parasol.
  • How To Make a Lightsaber Out of Household Items

    All you need is to use the resources that you have at home and you can come up with a lightsaber that kids can play with.
  • How To Make a Lamp into a Touch Lamp

    The good news is, you can purchase a touch lamp kit that you can use to turn any ordinary lamp that you have into a touch lamp!
  • How To Make a Knife Handle

    Having a sharp knife is useless if you don’t have a good grip on your knife. You can make your own knife handle out of wood and materials from a hardware store.
  • How To Make a Kitchen Gift Basket

    If you are invited to a house warming or even to a birthday, what you can do is to make your own kitchen gift basket to give as a gift.
  • How To Make a Jewelry Box

    Making your own jewelry box is not as hard as you think. You can get some of the materials that you are going to use right at home.
  • How To Make a Hope Chest

    A hope chest is something that is used by women before they start their married life. This can also be called a dowry chest or glory box.
  • How To Repair a Case Handle

    It is difficult to lug around a bag or briefcase with a handle that is not working properly. These simple guidelines should help you repair a broken case handle.
  • How To Attach a Patch to a Uniform

    Here are some of the most common methods of attaching a patch onto your uniform, and the steps on how to do each.
  • How To Compare Digital Zoom Versus Optical Zoom

    While the zoom feature on your digital camera is useful, a question for many is the difference between digital zoom and optical zoom. Here is a comparison of the two...
  • How To Find a Food Picture Online

    If you plan to write about food, you need pictures to support it. A food blog is more appreciated if there are food pictures in it. The following online sites can be...
  • How To Make a Bottle Cap Belt

    With these easy steps, you can have an inexpensive bottle cap belt that can showcase your creative juices and alternative lifestyles.
  • How To Make a Bookcase Headboard

    If you love books, making a headboard bookcase is one of the best projects you can do in honor of your book collection.
  • How To Do Canvas Painting with Acrylic Paints

    Making a canvas portrait or a canvas landscape can bring out all of the spectacular ideas in your head. How can you do canvas painting with acrylic paints? Follow...
  • How To Find Water Bottle Types and Materials

    There are many types of water bottles. You have the small and portable bottles with a plastic screw-on cap and you have the bigger water cooler or dispenser bottles.
  • How To Build a Clear Display Case

    What you are going to place in the clear display case will decide how large or how small you will want to make your clear display case.
  • How To Build a Miniature House

    Children love to play make-believe, and nothing could be better than having a miniature play house. A miniature house can be bought, but it is cheaper to make one...
  • How To Build a Wooden Dollhouse

    Building a wooden dollhouse can serve as a hobby or skill-building exercise, and the finished product can be used as a valued collectible or a cherished toy.
  • How To Build a Basketball Backboard

    Basketball hoops can be easily built and installed. This article will give you the steps needed in how to build a basketball backboard.
  • How To Make a Motorized Miter Saw Compound Cut

    Making a compound miter cut using a miter saw may seem difficult at first, but becomes easier once you grasp the concept, and the angle you're trying to achieve.
  • How To Paint Porcelain

    Porcelain painting is also known as China painting because of its ancient beginnings in China. Painting porcelain is a beautiful form of art that anyone can do at any...
  • How To Make a Baby Bonnet

    One of the easiest ways to make a baby bonnet is to use a large handkerchief. It is a popular baby shower item and can become an heirloom when fine, lacy material is...
  • How To Make Sculpture Art

    If you want to get started with making sculpture art, here are some tips for you to try out. Apart from these basic sculpting tips, remember, art is all about...
  • How To Make a Balloon Airplane

    Balloon twisting takes time to master. Just keep on twisting, pinching, and locking and you’ll surely be on your way to a balloon airplane squadron!
  • How To Find Stone Sculpture Supplies

    If you are interested in doing stone sculptures, a critical first step is to find the basic stone sculpture supplies that you will need to make your creations.
  • How To Use a Packaging Tape Dispenser

    Once you have decided which tape will work best for the kind of packing you need, you need to learn how to load and use the packaging tape dispenser.
  • How To Make a Monogram Kitchen Towel

    For any home, monogram kitchen towels add class and style to the kitchen. These make ideal gifts for the homemaker and new bride as well!
  • How To Make a Bench Ottoman

    Bench ottomans are great tools for resting tired and weary feet. An ottoman, popularly known as a footstool, is a piece of furniture with a padded bench like a stool.
  • How To Make a Basketball Pillow

    If you have a friend or buddies that are avid basketball fans, giving them a basketball pillow with a customized logo of their favorite teams or player is a fantastic...
  • How To Make a Sun Clock

    It is interesting how people were able to tell time accurately by the shadows cast by the sun. Interested in knowing how it works? Here is how to make a sun clock.
  • How To Make a Sundial for Kids

    Thinking of a good project for kids? What about something educational? One good project that we can let our children do is by teaching them how to make a sundial.
  • How To Make a Great Gift for Under $20

    Baskets have always been a welcome gift for any occasion. They are fairly reasonable to buy at a craft shop or you can acquire them at any thrift or garage sales for...
  • How To Make a Funeral Flower Arrangement

    Funeral flower arrangements must be customized in a way no other flower arrangement is designed.
  • How To Capture the Perfect Birthday Picture

    There are different ways to capture that perfect birthday picture, and it mostly depends on the kind of event, and the people involved.
  • How To Make Birthday Picture Cards

    While generic cartoon-character cards bought over the counter are cheap and easy to write on, these just don’t give the same impression as a birthday picture card.
  • How To Find Design Ideas for Creating Custom Tie Pins

    Men's tie pins or tie tacks are quite expensive. You can create and design your own custom tie pins by simply purchasing a bare tie pin and adding your own design.
  • How To Make a Hand-Tied Wedding Bouquet

    The first step of all is choosing the flowers. Making hand-tied wedding bouquets is best done with flowers with longer stems.
  • How To Make a Grave Stone Rubbing

    A grave stone rubbing is a great way to bring home some of the interesting history that many graveyards hold.
  • How To Make a Hand Puppet

    With the economy in such a fiasco, make a hand puppet as a gift that will be treasured for years. Hand puppets can be made for free with scraps found around the home.
  • How To Make a Handprint T-shirt

    The handprint t-shirt is a wonderful way to preserve the memory of your little one. It is a gift that can be given to parents, grandparents, siblings, or the child...
  • How To Avoid Taking Overexposed Photos

    Photos that are washed out, too bright, or have blown-out areas are overexposed. A few simple tricks can help you to avoid this common photographic problem.
  • How To Make a Gerber Daisy Wedding Bouquet

    Gerber daisies are known for their long petals, bright colors, and distinctive centers. The wedding design possibilities are endless with so many different colors to...
  • How To Make a Homemade Train Whistle

    There are several different types of train whistle. Here are directions for the two most popular, single hole and quad whistle.
  • How To Make a Hobby Horse

    Making a hobby horse may sound like a complicated endeavor, but it really can be quite easy with these simple instructions.
  • How To Make Rolling Bags

    Even a frugal life will not stop you from enjoying the benefits of using rolling bags as your luggage, because you can surely create your very own version of rolling...