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  • How To Find Various Types of Pocket Portfolios

    Portfolios range from regular-sized pocket portfolios for standard or legal-sized documents to larger cases that hold oversized documents like drawings, blueprints or...
  • How To Age Muslin Fabric

    Perhaps the most authentic way to age muslin fabric is to hand a length of it to a pair of 9-year-old boys. If you need a more practical aging method, there's another...
  • How To Know the Types of Wood Planes

    There are many different types of wood planes, each with a distinctive purpose. If you wish to become a serious woodworker, it is important to know the differences.
  • How To Make a Hand-Tied Bridal Bouquet

    Making a thoughtful hand-tied bridal bouquet can be an inexpensive means to have a beautiful floral arrangement for that special wedding day.
  • How To Make a Homemade Stress Ball

    Making a homemade stress ball can be a fun way to relieve stress all by itself. When you are done, you’ll have a unique gift or a way to keep relieving your stress.
  • How To Make a Goblin Halloween Costume

    Going as a goblin for Halloween this year? You can get started at home to make your goblin Halloween costume. There are two types of goblins that you can make.
  • How To Alter Your Mother's Wedding Gown

    If you love the elegant fabric of your mother's wedding gown, but it needs some structural changes, below are some tips to help with this process of rebirth.
  • How To Arrange a Flower Basket

    Flower baskets are one of those things you can give for almost any occasion. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to create and arrange your own flower basket.
  • How To Understand Different Methods of Album Storage

    One of the problems with photographs is album storage. Here are the best and safest methods of album storage.
  • How To Add Flowers to Floral Foam

    If you'd like your flowers to have more style and to last longer you may want to try making some beautiful arrangements using floral foam.
  • How To Find Silhouette Clipart

    Finding a woman's, man's or child's silhouette clipart is not a problem, considering the vast amounts of clipart available on the Internet.
  • How To Create Your Own Photo Album Covers

    Even with the hundreds of album covers in the market, nothing fits your photo album perfectly. In this case, you have no choice but to create your own photo album cover.
  • How To Learn Lap Quilting

    All types of quilts have similar construction, and lap quilts are just smaller versions of the large bed-sized quilts. Learn to make a lap quilt.
  • How To Hand Paint T-Shirts

    Hand painting t-shirts is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by persons of any age and of any skill level. Learn easy ways to hand paint t-shirts.
  • How To Learn More About Metal Spinning

    Read instructions for metal spinning, which is used to create a wide range of items such as decorations, kitchen utensils, cylinders and musical instruments.
  • How To Make a CD Hovercraft

    Simple hovercraft models such as those made from discarded CDs can be easily made over the weekend with your kids. Follow these steps to make a CD hovercraft.
  • How To Make a Football Team Logo in Plastic Canvas

    Making a football team logo in plastic canvas is one way of showing your support for your favorite football team.
  • How To Use a Sewing Machine

    Sewing is a great hobby, and learning to use the most important tool of the trade, the sewing machine, will give you many years of enjoyment.
  • How To Learn to Set Gemstones

    If you've been creating costume jewelry for some time and want to expand to something different, crafting gemstone jewelry and setting gemstones may be just the thing.
  • How To Add Rhinestones to a Picture Frame

    This article explains how to add rhinestones, rhinestone flowers and rhinestone designs to a picture frame.
  • How To Make a Unique Pencil Holder

    This article will help you add a personal and creative touch to your pencil holder.
  • How To Make Outdoor Banners on Your Own

    If you want to create an advertisement, use these tips to help you make your own outdoor banner.
  • How To Creatively Use Scrapbook Paper

    Here are some creative gift ideas to make using scrapbook paper.
  • How To Make Spray Paint Stencils

    If you want to add some creative artwork to something, use these tips to make your own spray paint stencils.
  • How To Understand Sewing Machine Features

    When buying a new sewing machine, take the time to understand and compare the features before spending the money. Learn where to read about sewing machine features.
  • How To Learn White Magic

    Learning white magic can be as easy or as hard as you wish to make it. The main thing to remember is that you have to believe in it for it to work.
  • How To Launch a Photography Career on MySpace

    When launching a photography career on MySpace, begin by creating a separate account from your personal account. Read more tips to begin a successful career.
  • How To Find Hand-Carved Ivory Products

    Here are some of the products that are made out of hand-carved ivory.
  • How To Use Slide Film

    Slide film is commonly known as reversal film. It is mostly used for image projection with the use of a device called a slide projector.
  • How To Knit a Fuzzy Scarf

    Fuzzy yarn begs to be made into something stylish! A scarf is easy to make even if you're a novice knitter, but fuzzy yarn takes a little patience.
  • How To Knit a Scarf for a Man

    Whether he's strolling on a downtown street or roughing it in the wilds, if you want to give your man something special, knit him a scarf.
  • How To Laminate Almost Any Paper

    It can take a few minutes to learn the process, but once you have it down it's easy to laminate almost any piece of paper.
  • How To Make a 3D Puzzle

    You can make your own 3D puzzle for your friends, family, or loved ones. It is very easy to make these in your own home.
  • How To Crop a Square Photo

    Even in the digital age, cropping an image to a square shape can be challenging. Read tips for cropping a square photograph.
  • How To Make Your Own Chinese Food Boxes

    Chinese food boxes have many uses other than Chinese food; they can be used to house party favors for social events. Learn how to make your own Chinese food boxes.
  • How To Find Materials to Make Wooden Chairs

    Building wooden chairs for inside or outside use is a great hobby. This article explains what type of wood is best for beginners and how to find necessary materials.
  • How To Make a Doll Hijab

    If you want to make a doll hijab, follow these easy instructions.
  • How To Make a Car Visor CD Holder

    If you're tired of the boring black CD visor, try following these steps to make your own.
  • How To Knit a Simple Shawl

    To knit a simple garter stitch shawl, follow this easy step-by-step guide.
  • How To Make a Cyanotype

    Cyanotype photography allows you to create photographs at home without the use of many harsh chemicals or a lot of equipment. Here's how to do it.
  • How To Make a Collage Frame

    A collage is a fun and easy way to personalize a variety of everyday household items. This article will show you how to make a collage frame.
  • How To Make a Down Comforter

    Making a down comforter isn't necessarily a difficult job, but it is a job that requires careful planning and management. Follow these steps to make your own down...
  • How To Make a Bridal Garter Belt

    The garter belt has evolved over time to stand as a symbol of good luck for the new bride. Here's how to make your own bridal garter.
  • How To Make Your Own Stuffed Toys

    You might think that stuffed toys are hard to make. Actually, they’re not; with just a little patience you can easily make one on your own.
  • How To Make Newsprint

    Despite online news sources, many people still enjoy a morning coffee and paper. Many people contribute to the process of creating newsprint.
  • How To Knit a Fringe Scarf

    Knitting a fringe scarf as a gift for a friend is well received if you begin by finding out the person's favorite colors. Then follow these step-by-step directions.
  • How To Tie Knots in Leather Necklaces

    Handmade necklaces make great gifts. Begin by choosing your supplies and learning how to tie knots in the leather.
  • How To Make a Bridal Veil Pattern

    Whether you're planning a wedding, or considering a entrepreneurial venture into the exciting world of bridal fashion, it's possible to save quite a bit of money by...
  • How To Make a Concrete Mold

    Concrete is the most popular substance from which to make a mold. Follow these steps to make a concrete mold that will last for years.
  • How To Make Your Own Olive Oil Lamp

    If you want to build your own oil lamp using environmentally-friendly, clean-burning olive oil, it is much easier to do this than you may think.