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  • How To Knot a Leather Necklace

    If you've got a knack for crafts, jewelry making is a natural way to use your skills. A hand-knotted leather and bead necklace is a great project to try.
  • How To Add Character to Shadowbox Frames

    There are some inexpensive, good ways to add character to your shadowbox frames using etched glass, acrylic paints and stencils.
  • How To Make Compound Miter Cuts with Table Saws

    Achieving a perfect compound miter cut on a table saw is not difficult as long as you follow these simple steps.
  • How To Make a Fiber Optic Table

    Fiber optic lighting is used in many different ways, such as in centerpieces or on Christmas trees. Learn an unique way to use fiber optic lighting in a table.
  • How To Make a Circle Picture Collage

    Learn to make a circle picture collage to display memorabilia from important events, including the popular Circle of Friends pattern.
  • How To Make Dovetail Joints for Woodworking

    The dovetail is an attractive and durable joint that adds value to woodworking. Learn to make dovetail joints for any piece of furniture or cabinetry.
  • How To Make a Box Type Solar Oven

    You can make a box type solar oven with items that you might have in your own home or can find at any general store.
  • How To Make a Buck Skin Rug

    Making buck skin rugs takes lots of soaking, scraping, stretching and tanning. If you conquer these steps you’ll enjoy the buck skin rug you've made.
  • How To Make Sleepwear By Using Flannel

    Sleepwear made with flannel has been a favorite for a long time. It's easy to make, and it's fun to wear flannel - especially during wintertime.
  • How To Make a Dovetail Joint

    Many good furniture makers use the dovetail joints when they build their furniture. Learn how to make a dovetail joint.
  • How To Make Bridal Capes for Wedding Gowns

    Creating a bridal cape to drape over your wedding gown during your fall or winter wedding is a perfect solution to not wearing a coat over your dress.
  • How To Make a Fat Quarter Quilt

    Learn to make a fat quarter quilt (fq) by following these simple directions, beginning with choosing the fabric and deciding whether or not to pre-wash the material.
  • How To Make a Good LED Sign

    When aiming to make a good LED sign, just make sure that your circuit is functional and your LEDs are in good condition.
  • How To Make Carbon Paper

    Early carbon paper was produced by soaking thin sheets of tissue paper in carbon black, a commercial printer's ink, and then allowing the sheets to dry.
  • How To Make a Custom Picture Frame from a Mirror

    Learn how to make a custom picture frame from a mirror, chosen to suit your own individual taste, and enjoy your unique wall decoration.
  • How To Make a Della Robia Garland

    A Della Robia garland is made with accents of pine cones, fruits, evergreen and nuts. These are lovely rustic Italian decorations with a natural appearance.
  • How To Make a Clay Birdhouse

    The first thing to remember when making a clay birdhouse is that your clay form will shrink as it dries and when it is fired.
  • How To Make a Children's Loom

    The easiest children's loom is made from a piece of stiff cardboard, about 9 x 12 or larger.
  • How To Make a Fish Swivel Bracelet

    Making bracelets with a fish swivel and beads is an inexpensive, easy and fun project for individuals or groups of kids.
  • How To Create a Personalized Photo Mug

    When you give a personalized photo mug to a friend or relative, that person will have a more meaningful coffee or beer experience.
  • How To Make a Crystal Necklace

    You can make your own crystal necklace with a few simple steps and without a large investment of time or money.
  • How To Make Your Own Garment Labels

    Creating your own garment labels is not as hard as you think. You only need a few items and a little bit of time.
  • How To Pose for a Face Picture

    A face picture sounds intimidating to some people, mostly because there’s not much you can do to make sure you take a good close-up, right? Wrong!
  • How To Choose a Photo Restoration Service

    The elements of nature and the unavoidable wear and tear on photos provide difficulties in keeping photographs vivid. Learn how to choose a photo restoration service.
  • How To Make a Picture Puzzle

    Making a picture puzzle is simple, and can be done with only a few household materials and a couple of familiar tools.
  • How To Sell Homemade Pottery

    Have your pottery skills advanced to the level of selling to customers? If so, then read our tips for how to sell homemade pottery and start making money from your hobby.
  • How To Make a Fabric Corsage

    Making a fabric corsage can be very simple, all you need is a few straps of fabric, felt, silk or lace and you can make a very nice corsage.
  • How To Make a Card for an 80th Birthday

    Your friend is an octogenarian, and has lived eight-tenths of a century - wow! A homemade card to express your affection really shows you care.
  • How To Make a Flower Girl Head Piece

    If you're getting married, you can easily make a head piece for the flower girl; this gives a nice personalized touch to the wedding procession.
  • How To Make a Decoupage Plaque for Dad

    If you are searching for that perfect gift from the heart for Dad, a decoupage plaque just might be the answer to your problem.
  • How To Make a Daisy Chain Bracelet

    For a fun rainy day project, why not make a daisy chain bracelet? The design can be created in almost any color combination.
  • How To Make a Braided Rug from Plastic Bags

    Going green is big, and people are trying to find new ways of reusing what they have. Making a braided rug out of plastic bags isn't only creative, but it's useful as...
  • How To Make a Canvas Tote Bag

    A canvas tote bag is fun to make, and you can decorate it in so many artistic ways.
  • How To Make a Cardboard Cutout Stand Up

    Remember going to the movies and seeing those great big cardboard cutouts? They are impressive aren't they? Wouldn't it be great to have one at your next event, party,...
  • How To Make a Chandelier Out of CDs

    A very economical, yet magnificent, chandelier can be made from old CDs. The shiny CD surface reflects light brilliantly. CD chandeliers are super easy to make as well.
  • How To Make a Crocheted Pot Holder

    When you make a crocheted pot holder, you want to make sure that it is thick so you don't burn yourself, so you want to use two strands of yarn.
  • How To Make a Double Exposure

    By creating a double exposure, you can make one picture that has two photos captured in the same frame.
  • How To Make a Finger Joint

    Finger joints are not really joints that go on your fingers. A finger joint is actually one of the joints that you find on some wooden boxes.
  • How To Make a Door Draft Blocker

    To make a simple, yet functional door draft blocker you only need a few items and some simple skills.
  • How To Choose the Right Embroidery Needle Size

    If you are attempting to learn embroidery, the first step is to know how to choose the correct embroidery needle for your project.
  • How To Make a Cute Bottle Pig

    Don't toss out your empty bleach bottles! With a little creativity, you can recycle them into a cute bottle pig or even a piggy bank.
  • How To Make a Corncob Pipe

    Traditionally popular in the South and among farmers, many pipe enthusiasts use corncob pipes because of the smoking experience.
  • How To Make a Drainage Hole in a Ceramic Pot

    If you have a lot of ceramic pots in your collection, but they don't have a drainage hole, don't throw them away.
  • How To Make a Fingerprint Tree

    A fingerprint tree is an excellent way to combine learning with crafts and paint, activities that any child should be excited to participate in.
  • How To Make a Duct Tape Bowl

    Have you ever wanted a unique bowl to decorate your room? Why not make one out of duct tape!
  • How To Make a Crepe Paper Rose

    You don't need a lot of money or supplies to create something elegant and charming, such as a crepe paper rose.
  • How To Make a Braided Knot Rug

    A braided knot rug can be made of many materials. They can be made of fabric, old rug material, plastic bags, etc.
  • How To Make a Box from Cardstock

    Personalized cardstock containers are a unique way to create a one of a kind item for yourself or someone special.
  • How To Make a Little Picture Book for Kids

    Follow these steps to make a small, kid-friendly picture book containing family photos and vacation pictures. Have your little one assist you for extra family fun.
  • How To Shoot a Nature Photo

    Shooting an award winning nature photo is easier than you think. Read tips for taking photographs of nature and ideas for finding different angles.