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  • How To Do Pottery

    The best way to begin doing the popular handcraft of pottery is to find a class. The class will provide your materials and a kiln.
  • How To Crochet a Hat

    If you are a newbie at crocheting, it can be a little tricky crocheting a hat. Here is a step-by-step guide in making a hat using crochet.
  • How To Make Your Own Christmas Wreath

    One way to save money during the Christmas season is by making your own Christmas decorations instead of buying them from the store. Follow these steps to create your...
  • How To Make Mittens Using Yarn

    Creating mittens using yarn isn't difficult. Mittens are fairly easy to make, and the project can be completed in a short period of time.
  • How To Buy Scrapbook Albums

    Use these tipson how to purchase the best scrapbook photo album for your particular purpose.
  • How To Do Arts & Crafts

    Learn all the different ways in how to access arts and crafts instructions, no matter what your skill level.
  • How To Find Printable Name Tags

    There are printable name tags available online. Here's how to access some of the sites that offer printable name tags.
  • How To Knit Mittens

    When you are preparing for the winter, what can be better than knitting yourself or your loved ones a pair of mittens? Here's how to start.
  • How To Make a Memory Scrapbook

    A memory scrapbook is fun to make, and can contain mementos of anything or anyone which is special to you and which you'd like to commemorate.
  • How To Take a Ceramics Class

    If you have wanted to learn how to throw clay and form it into beautiful pieces of art, then a ceramics class is for you.
  • How To Make a Knit Sweater

    You can make a knit sweater by learning to knit in a few easy steps. Here's how to get started.
  • How To Build a Compost Tumbler

    Having kitchen compost is advantageous to the environment and would be helpful for starting your own flower or vegetable garden. Learn how to build a compost tumbler.
  • How To Use a Pottery Wheel

    The first thing to know when thinking about pottery as a hobby is that there are manual pottery wheels and electric pottery wheels.
  • How To Make a Scrapbook Photo Album

    The best way to preserve and enjoy your photos is by making a scrapbook photo album. Here's how to get started.
  • How To Find Cheap Yarn

    The cost of yarn may have caused you to cut back on your crafting. Here's how to continue your hobby by finding cheap yarn.
  • How To Crochet Sweaters

    Although you may think this would be difficult, learning how to crochet sweaters is in fact simple.
  • How To Use Transparency Film

    The digital age has not completely ousted transparency film - here's how to learn about all its uses and applications.
  • How To Make a Prom Dress Pattern

    If you are having problems picking the right dress for the prom because of budget constraints, you can make your own prom dress. All you need is a dress pattern, some...
  • How To Find Knitting Gifts

    Knitting gifts can be found at many art stores or in larger discount department stores. Here's how to get a gift that will be appreciated.
  • How To Knit Scarves

    Knitting is one of the most relaxing hobbies around, and knitting scarves is one of the easiest, quickest ways to get into the knitting craze.
  • How To Take Glamour Shots

    You don't have to be a professional photographer to take glamour shots. Use these guidelines to take beautiful glamour photos.
  • How To Make Neon Signs

    Have you ever considered learning to make neon signs? They are always in demand, and it doesn't matter where you live.
  • How To Use Kevlar Thread

    Here's how to use versatile Kevlar thread; it is resistant to heat and does not melt. It is also resistant to mold and mildew and it does not age.
  • How To Take Pictures of a Kangaroo

    Going on a photographic safari is a dream for many wildlife photographers all over the world. One very interesting safari animal is the Kangaroo.
  • How To Choose Fabric for an Umbrella

    The fabric is a big factor in choosing a parasol for different purposes. Here's how to compare suitable umbrella fabrics.
  • How To Make a Kitchen Knife Block

    Want to keep your kitchen knives sharp, safe, and organized? It is both easy and economical. Here's how to make your own kitchen knife block.
  • How To Create With Craft Paper

    Here's how to use craft paper creatively - as long as you can set your imagination and creativity free, the ideas are limitless.
  • How To Paint Your Canvas Bag

    Painting a canvas bag is easy. All you need are the right materials and some imagination.
  • How To Create Your Own DVD Labels

    You can customize your CD and DVD labels by adding a personal touch to the design. Try using a CD label sticker and create your own designs.
  • How To Arrange Orchids

    When arranging flowers, you have to take into consideration certain factors. Here's how to make flower arrangements with orchids.
  • Find Card Making Ideas in Magazines

    If you’re interested in card making, you can benefit from the ideas of other people who share your interest, rather than trying to think up everything on your own.
  • How To Sew an Arizona Cactus Flower Quilt

    This article will help you make your first quilt using an Arizona Cactus Flower as the inspiration.
  • How To Re Use Old Empty DVD Cases

    Do you have a ton of empty DVD cases lying around? Here's how to recycle and reuse.
  • How To Make an Assyrian Composite Bow

    The composite bow is an ancient weapon. Learn all the instructions and materials to make an Assyrian composite bow.
  • How To Build a Metal Gazebo

    Building your own metal gazebo can be made by assembling a pre-made metal gazebo or fabricating it following your own design. To make your own design, follow these steps.
  • How To Create a Tesla Coil

    A Tesla coil is a device for producing electricity. Follow these detailed steps to make a Tesla coil.
  • How To Make a Samurai Sword

    There is a wealth of history behind the Samurai sword, used by those noble warriors of Japan. Learn how to make a replica sword.
  • How To Make Roman Armor

    Are you fascinated with the great Roman Empire? They had a distinctive look, no matter what they did. Learn how to make Roman Armor.
  • How To Make a Silk Pillow Case

    Silk sheets are best matched with silk pillowcases. They are also used for orthopedic pillows that support your neck when sleeping. Depending on your bedroom theme...
  • How To Make American Regalia

    Most regalia requires at least a year or two (if not more) to prepare. If you intend to make your own regalia, research and planning are crucial.
  • How To Personalize Your Pillow Case

    Jazz up your room with a personalized pillowcase. Follow these steps and you will find that making your own customized pillowcase is actually easy.
  • How To Make a Silk Screen Press

    A silk screen press is basically a circular, square or rectangular wooden frame, with fabric stretched taut against it. So how do you make one?
  • How To Find Embroidery Designs Online

    From Disney designs to floral art, learn how to find free and subscribed embroidery designs online.
  • How To Make Beddings for a Baby Crib

    Bedding can be expensive. Also, you are not certain if the materials used for the bedding are suitable for your baby's skin. You can create your own bedding for a baby...
  • How To Make Farrow Rib

    Once a new knitter gets tired of doing the garter and stockinette stitches, trying the farrow rib pattern is a great alternative.
  • How To Make Chopping Boards

    To get a solid chopping board that does not warp after extended use, you may want to make your own.
  • How To Make a Diorama

    A diorama is a miniature scenario that recreates an event in the past or tries to paint a fictional event in the past, present or future. Here is a short guide to...
  • How To Use Tape Measures

    Here's an explanation of the different types of tape measures available and how to use them.
  • How To Fix a Frayed Buttonhole

    Don't stress over a frayed button hole. These guidelines will help you fix a frayed buttonhole.
  • How To Repair a Snag in a Sweater

    Follow these tips to help you fix a snag or hole in your sweater.