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  • How To Fix a Hole in Jeans

    Some people like holes in their jeans, but if you're one of those people who don't like holes in your clothing, here's how you can fix those annoying holes in your jeans.
  • How To Remove Pilling from Clothing

    Here are a few simple techniques to help you prevent pilling on your clothing.
  • How To Make Your Own Cell Phone Pouch

    If you want a customized cell phone pouch, why not make your own? Here's how you can make your own cell phone pouch.
  • How To Make a Pestle and Mortar

    If you don't have a mortar and pestle and don't want to run to your favorite kitchen store, there is a way to make a makeshift substitute at home.
  • How To Make an Egyptian Cartouche

    Once used as the royal seal and insignia for the pharaohs, a cartouche is now a popular form of personalized writing for Egyptian jewelry and papyrus.
  • How To Make a Prayer Kneeler

    A prayer kneeler is small wooden stand that one kneels upon while praying. They're not hard to make; learn to complete this simple project.
  • How To Make an African Mask

    There are few masks that can compare to the uniqueness of an African mask. To make an African mask, first gather your supplies.
  • How To Make a Ballista

    If you are fascinated by Roman and Greek life, then you may want to fashion your own ballista. Learn how to make a model ballista.
  • How To Knit a Snake Toy

    Animals with simple shapes, such as snakes, are easy to knit. You'll need to know how to cast on, knit, and sew a seam to knit a snake toy.
  • Special Characteristics of Titanium Alloy

    Titanium alloy is a metallic substance, which is a result of titanium combined with small quantities of other substances like palladium, vanadium, tin, and aluminum.
  • How To Measure and Sew Straight Borders on Your Quilts

    During the process of making a quilt, the top may become stretched and misshapen. Follow these steps for measuring and sewing straight borders on your quilts.
  • How To Make Decorative Storage Boxes

    Creating storage boxes is simple and very affordable. You will not only save money, but you will help contribute to the betterment of the environment as well.
  • How To Make a Sarape

    A serape is a large, rectangular rug-like garment traditionally worn by the people of Central and South America. Read these specific tips to help you make a serape.
  • How To Create a Centerpiece with Floating Candles

    Take inspiration from the suggestions in this article to create the perfect centerpiece using floating candles.
  • How To Square Up Quilt Blocks

    Squaring up your quilt blocks before sewing them together will ensure a beautifully finished quilt. Learn how to square up your quilt blocks.
  • How To Make a Paper Moravian Star

    A paper Moravian star is a beautiful, hand-folded decoration. Traditionally, Moravian stars were made to celebrate Christmas, particularly by people of Moravian...
  • How To Make a Lucha Libre Mask

    If you or someone in your family is a wrestling fan or if you loved the Nacho Libre movie, you can easily make your own lucha libre mask.
  • How To Make Wampum Beads

    Making wampum beads is a beautiful and rich way to preserve Native American traditions. Learn traditional and modern methods of making wampum beads.
  • How To Make Pure Nicotine

    In its purest form, nicotine is one of the most deadly toxins known to man. A single drop is enough to kill an adult human if ingested. In order to make pure nicotine,...
  • How To Make a Dashiki

    The dashiki is an African shirt. It’s a loose-fitting, comfortable men's pullover. Use colorful African fabrics to create your own dashiki.
  • How To Make Cheyenne Teepees

    The plains Indians, including the Cheyenne, were hunting nomads who created the teepee. To make your own teepee, first gather all of your supplies.
  • How To Make Crafts

    There are a multitude of different types of crafts you can make, but there are several things in common between almost all kinds of projects.
  • How To Knit Vertical Parallelograms

    When creating a knit project, vertical parallelograms make a lovely accent for borders and straps. They're easy to do with a little practice.
  • How To Make Your Own Sporran

    The sporran is an ancient, traditional Scottish Highland dress accessory. To make a quality sporran, one should study proper methods and materials.
  • How To Make Mohawk Indian Clothes

    Even those who aren't of Mohawk heritage would like to know more about their traditions, values and dress. Learn how to make Mohawk Indian clothing.
  • How To Make a Chinese Paper Hat

    You can easily make a Chinese paper hat version of the conical Chinese straw hat. This would be an ideal school project around Chinese New Year.
  • How To Apply and Use Silicone Rubber

    Today, silicone rubber is used in many ways; here's how to know more about the uses and applications of silicone rubber.
  • How To Make a Condiment Dispenser

    Keep condiments tidy and accessible by making a condiment holder for your kitchen.
  • How To Make Yarmulke

    If you're interested in making yarmulkes, you can knit or sew them. These make great gifts for your family members and close friends.
  • Make Headed Paper: Personal, Professional and Business Letterhead

    Headed paper is mostly used for sending personalized letters. When used in companies, it is known as letterhead and several details should be included in the heading....
  • How To Understand Applications Using a Strain Gauge

    A strain gauge is a device that measures the strain of an object. Read on to learn in what applications a strain gauge may be used.
  • How To Make a Pilgrim Hat

    Follow these simple steps to make a pilgrim hat for a Thanksgiving centerpiece or to use as a fall decoration.
  • How To Replace Leather Book Covers

    Replacing leather book covers will lend new life to your favorite books. Follow these helpful tips to fit new leather book covers on your books.
  • How To Turn a Sock Heel

    Turning a sock heel may seem challenging, but with a little practice you'll get the hang of knitting a sock heel in no time.
  • How To Press Quilt Blocks

    Pressing quilt blocks is a blend of technique and technology. The right tools and a few essential preparation steps make pressing quilt blocks easy.
  • How To Make a Left-Slanting Cable

    A left-slanting cable is also known as a cable front. It is good to know how to construct a left-slanting cable because it will make your patterns unique.
  • How To Make Adorable Baby Shower Centerpieces

    Use these creative ideas for memorable baby shower centerpieces.
  • How To Knit with Condo Knitting

    Although the origin of the name Condo Knitting is unknown, the technique has been passed from knitter to knitter since the Age of Disco in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
  • How To Buy Gun Building Kits

    Gun building kits should be affordable and easy to understand. Here's how to get the right gear.
  • How To Read a Pattern

    Reading a pattern can be a very frustrating activity. But it is worth it to complete your projects.
  • How To Neutralize Liquid Soap Paste

    Here are instructions for neutralizing the excess lye from your soap, creating a milder end product.
  • How To Make a Tooth Box Using a Film Container

    Here's a fun and easy project that lets you make a tooth box out of a film container.
  • How To Make a Spider Using an Aluminum Can

    A fun and festive project for the fall is making a spider using an aluminum can. Here's how you can make a spider out of a can.
  • How To Knit a Basic Stash Afghan

    A stash afghan is made up of that extra stash of yarn you've got lying around that you've never used. Here are some easy tips to help you get rid of that yarn by...
  • How To Knit a Checkerboard

    Knitting a checkerboard is simple, so don't panic. Here is a fast and easy five step pattern that will add spice to any knitting project.
  • How To Knit a Roman Stitch

    The Roman stitch is a combination of the stockinette stitch and the seed stitch. Here are some simple steps to help you make a roman stitch.
  • How To Make Hand Milled Soap

    Hand milled soaps are beautiful, easy to make, and gives you a lot of great options for great soap. Learn how to make hand milled soaps.
  • How To Make Hurricane Candle Shells

    It's easy to learn how to make hurricane candle shells from wax. With a votive candle placed inside, these shells provide a soft ambiance.
  • How To Make a Safety Pin Watch

    Safety pin watches are hot right now, and are very simple to make yourself. You can use whatever colors you want on your safety pins to coordinate with your wardrobe....
  • How To Make Ladybug Crafts

    Ladybugs are cute little creatures, with black dots on red bodies. Here are some fun ladybug crafts that will have you flying high with creativity.