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  • How To Patch Jeans

    Ripped jeans are not always a fashion statement, especially when the tear occurs in a very uncomfortable or unflattering place. These steps will help you patch jeans.
  • How To Do Father's Day Crafts

    Making a gift for your father is more personal and meaningful than any store bought gift. Here's how to get some craft ideas for Father's Day.
  • How To Make a Paper Bag Lantern

    You can create your own lantern by using a paper bag. You need not buy fancy paper for your materials, but instead, recycle your shopping bags.
  • Find a Free Crochet Hat Pattern: Crochet Hat Instructions

    Crochet hats are a fashion accessory that are quick and cheap to make and that can easily altered to be made unique to the wearer. It is fairly easy to find free...
  • How To Do a Witchcraft Love Spell: Magic Love Spells

    Witchcraft spells are used to summon energy for specific desired results. Since the most universal and sought-after desire is love, there are a number of spells...
  • How To Sew On a Button

    If you look down and find that your shirt is gaping open because a button fell off, don't fret! You can sew a button back on in no time at all.
  • How To Make Homemade Scented Candles

    You'd probably be amazed at all the different ways to make your own scented candles. You can make these with minimum cost, and with material that you could most likely...
  • How To Sew on Letterman Jacket Patches

    The type of fabric or material of the jacket will determine what procedure to use for sewing on patches. Read for information on how to sew on letterman jacket patches.
  • How To Find Branded Rubber Wristbands

    Wearing branded rubber wristbands has become a fashion statement. Here's how to find branded rubber wristbands.
  • How To Make Your Own Rubber Wristbands

    These rubber wristbands are very versatile, as they can be used as event wristbands, baller wristbands and sports wristbands.
  • How To Buy Scented Candles at Discount Prices

    Whatever the purpose these scented candles may serve, here's how to buy scented candles at wholesale or discount prices.
  • How To Make a Tesla Coil

    Every garage electrician knows Nikola Tesla and the inventions he made. This very gifted electrical and mechanical engineer dreamed of a wireless source of electrical...
  • How To Get Jewelry Making Supplies

    If you're new to jewelry making or want to try a new technique, you can find supplies at brick and mortar outlets, bead boutiques, and other places.
  • How To Utilize Basic Strategies in Natural Light Photography

    Mastery of natural light photography is a handy technique, as you don’t need a lot of equipment – although you are subject to the elements.
  • How To Buy Digital Picture Frames

    Here's how to buy a digital picture frame, including accessories such as audio, video, wireless downloads, motion pictures, slideshows or printing software.
  • How To Sew Letters on a Letterman's Jacket

    For any high school student in an activity, letterman letters are an important part of showing off accomplishments. Sewing them on is easy.
  • How To Make Jewelry Boxes

    Making a jewelry box can also be a nice way to show your crafty side. It is a chance to be creative and have fun. Here are some tips to help you make your own jewelry...
  • How To Find Wholesale Fabric Outlets

    If you intend to buy several kinds of fabrics and wish to save some money, wholesale buying is a great help. Here's how to find fabric wholesale outlets.
  • How To Repair Fiberglass

    Despite the durability of fiberglass in boats, table tops and bathtubs, it can still be damaged with wear and tear. Follow these steps and repair damaged or worn...
  • How To Make Angels Figurines

    Figurines of angels don't only make a good home decoration but a good collectible as well. Angel figurines bring comfort and joy to your home.
  • How To Make a Leather Pouch

    These tips can help you start making a simple leather pouch.
  • How To Make a Noisemaker Out of a Bottle

    Learn how to make a noisemaker out of a bottle using simple household supplies and a few minutes of time. This craft also teaches children about recycling.
  • How To Decorate Your Pencils

    Decorating pencils is an simple and creative way to give a special gift, especially to children who are returning to school. Learn to make this inexpensive gift.
  • How To Make a Button Frame

    Button frames are a fun way to display your favorite photos. Button frames are also cheap and easy to make, so they're a great craft project for kids.
  • How To Make Bobbles

    Bobbles add three-dimensional textures to your knitting projects. They're popular in sweaters from the Middle East and are fun on any sweater.
  • How To Read a Knitting Chart

    A knitting chart lays out the pattern visually, without using the terms or abbreviations in a written pattern. Learn to read a knitting chart.
  • How To Block Knitting

    Once your knitting is off the needles, you may think you’re finished, but for a professional-looking work, the next step is to block the knitting.
  • How To Square-up Wood Stock

    All lumber needs to be squared up before it can be used in a project; this is especially true if you're making a tabletop or something similar.
  • How To Felt by Hand

    Felting is usually done in a washing machine, but if you have a project that has specific dimensions, you may need to felt by hand. If this is the case, follow these...
  • How To Make Fingerless Gloves

    Fingerless gloves are very retro and trendy right now. Here are two different techniques for making fingerless gloves.
  • How To Make Sawdust Clay

    Sawdust clay is a great craft project for kids of all ages. It is easy to make and very inexpensive. Cleanup is also easy. This recipe will make as little or as much...
  • How To String Popcorn Garland

    Many people think of the winter holidays as the time to string a popcorn garland, but stringing popcorn garlands can be fun year-round.
  • How To Make Tassels

    Making tassels is fun and simple. There are variants on how you can make tassels. However, the basic principle is the same.
  • How To Make Heart-Shaped Pins

    Make a few heart-shaped pins to give as gifts or keep for yourself! These projects are fairly easy and are great to do together with children or even friends.
  • How To String Beads onto Yarn

    A great way to embellish any yarn project is to string beads onto yarn. Once you've seen this easy trick for stringing beads onto yarn, you will use it again and again.
  • How To Find Software Tools for Embroidery Designs

    Read how to discover a variety of embroidery software tools that will help you create unique embroidery designs.
  • How To Build a Wheelchair Ramp

    Build a wheelchair ramp that shows you care. So many wheelchair ramps look like something a skateboarder built. The ramp you build shows how you feel about the persons...
  • How To Choose Craft Wood for Your Woodworking Projects

    Different types of wood are better for certain types of projects; good planning can help you choose craft wood for your woodworking project.
  • How To Be a Professional Photographer

    What separates the amateur shutterbug from the work of professional photography? Here are some tips on how to get a professional result.
  • How To Find the Best Places to Shop for Antique Glassware

    Antique glassware can be found in other places besides antique stores. Here are some additional places to shop for antique glassware.
  • Find Decorative Glassware Online

    Although the demand is high for decorative glassware, it can still be difficult to find it at a good price. Here are some tips to finding decorative glass online.
  • How To Clean Ceramic Tiles

    Ceramic tiles are usually pretty easy to clean. Follow these tips to clean your ceramic tiles properly.
  • How To Find Discount Ceramic Supplies

    Discounted ceramic can be found in a number of places. Read these tips to see how you can save some money by purchasing discounted ceramic supplies.
  • How To Choose the Best Rotary Cutter

    When it comes to quilting, a rotary cutter is a great tool to use for your projects; selecting the right rotary cutter is really based on your needs.
  • How To Make a Denim Quilt

    Make a denim quilt that will become a family treasure by following these helpful tips.
  • How To Make Beer Candles

    The next time you're at a neighborhood garage sale, scoop up those cheap, heavy glass beer mugs and transform them into beer candles.
  • How To Make Slime With Borax

    Slime is an icky, gooey, fantastically fun toy for children. Learn how to make it with this simple recipe.
  • How To Make a Glass Craft Bottle

    If you do not have used bottles, you may buy them at a very affordable price for our project- a glass craft bottle. Glass craft bottles are good knick-knacks.
  • Where To Look for Glass Craft Classes

    Glass craft making could be a fulfilling pastime and even a rewarding part-time employment.
  • Find Embroidery Designs

    Embroidery is the handicraft of embellishing fabric with thread and needle. It may incorporate other objects such as beads, metals, pearls, gems, and feathers.