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  • How To Make Footed Pajamas

    Want your feet to be warm while you sleep? Use these tips to make footed PJs in your size. Here's how to make footed pajamas.
  • How To Fold Ribbon Flowers

    Do you want to make flower accessories with ribbons? Find tips for folding and gluing ribbons into petals. Here’s how to fold ribbon flowers.
  • How To Make Clay Pots for Outdoors

    Do you want to mold clay by hand? Find instructions for forming a pot out of polymer to glaze or paint. Here’s how to make clay pots for outdoors.
  • How To Make Tissue Paper Flowers

    Want a fun spring craft for your kids? These tissue paper flowers can decorate the whole house! Here's how to make tissue paper flowers.
  • How To Make a Bobblehead

    Bobbleheads are not only funny, but they are also entertaining and for years they have adorned sports events or even politics. They are called “bobbleheads” for...
  • How To Make Breakable Glass

    Breakable glass is also known as sugar glass. Filmmakers on a budget use this as part of their special effects since it poses little harm for the actors compared to...
  • How To Make Ceramic Tile Coasters

    One of the easiest craft gifts to make is the ceramic tile coaster. Give it individually or in sets of four or more. It is the type of gift that is both personal and...
  • How To Make Sweaters & Vests

    Here are some basic instructions on how to make a knitted vest. Once that is mastered, making more complicated sweaters is not much different.
  • How To Make Stoneware Pottery

    Stoneware pottery has been extensively famous for its texture and scratch-resistant features. Here's how to get started on your own projects.
  • How To Make a Photo Backdrop

    Want to take beautiful photos? These tips will help you select backdrops for photos. Here's how to make a photo backdrop.
  • How To Make Baby Doll Clothes

    Finish off the look of your baby doll or give her a change of wardrobe my making your own baby doll clothes.
  • How To Make a Candle Out of Old Candles

    Love having lit candles around the house? You can recycle old candle stubs to make new ones. Here's how to make a candle out of old candles.
  • How To Make an Inexpensive Lazy Susan

    Instead of spending a fortune on a commercial lazy susan, you can make your own lazy susan to fit any space or need.
  • How To Make Your Own Photography Backdrops

    Want your photos to look more professional? A real backdrop can make your photography look great. Here's how to make your own photography backdrops.
  • How To Make Bottle Cap Magnets

    Love collecting bottle caps? Show off your collection by turning them into magnets. Here's how to make bottle cap magnets.
  • How To Make Your Own Fabric Paint

    Want to make fabric crafts? You can save money by making fabric paint for your craft projects. Here's how to make your own fabric paint.
  • How To Make Styrofoam Balls

    Do you need a special size Styrofoam ball? Find tips for carving, cutting, and sanding blocks into spheres. Here’s how to make Styrofoam balls.
  • How To Make Blacklight Paint

    Want paint that really glows? With these tips, you can make paint that will glow under a black light. Here's how to make blacklight paint.
  • How To Make a Sock Monkey by Hand

    Are you seeking craft ideas to do with your kids? Find instructions for sewing monkeys out of socks. Here’s how to make a sock monkey by hand.
  • How To Make Ceramic Clay Pots

    One of the earliest cooking vessels used by man is the clay pot. Not only were these used for cooking, clay pots also functioned as water vessels and used as storage...
  • How To Make a Collage Picture Frame

    The art of collage is always popular for good reason, and it can accent simple photos as a collage picture frame.
  • How To Make a Cloth Covered Photo Album

    For a warm and stylish way to keep hold of your memories, it is hard to beat a cloth covered photo album.
  • How To Make a Clay Ashtray

    Make your own ashtray in any design with these steps to make a clay ashtray at home.
  • How To Make a Checkered Flag

    Finish off your races with official style after following these steps to make a checkered flag.
  • How To Make a Reversible Fleece Fringe Blanket

    Want a snuggly blanket to keep away the cold? You can easily make this fringed version. Here's how to make a reversible fleece fringe blanket.
  • How To Make a Reflecting Telescope

    Want to go star gazing? Get tips for making your own telecope to help you see the stars. Here's how to make a reflecting telescope.
  • How To Make Carnation Corsages

    Traditionally, a woman wears corsages in a day that is special to her like the prom or a ball. The women close to the bride often wear corsages, too. There are two...
  • How To Make a Butterfly Patchwork Pillow

    Everyone wants to cuddle something (or someone for that matter). Pillows have been with you through thick and thin. When you can’t contain your happiness, when you...
  • How To Make Embossed Velvet

    Add a luxurious look to any project with these steps to make embossed velvet.
  • How To Make Crimping Paper

    Spruce up any crafts projects by learning how to make your own crimping paper, following these steps.
  • How To Make Bouncy Balls with Polymers

    You can turn polymers into your own custom made bouncy balls at home!
  • How To Make Animal Glove Puppets

    The children can get very creative as they make their own glove puppets. They won't break the budget either!
  • How To Make a Rube Goldberg

    A Rube Goldberg machine performs a very easy task in a complex way. Here are tips on how to make one for yourself.
  • How To Make a Rubber Band Helicopter

    If you want to have a helicopter toy but you don’t want to spend much money make one from rubber bands and other materials found at home.
  • How To Make a Rubber Band Catapult

    You can have your own catapult to play with in a few minutes. You can use materials that are readily available at home like rubber bands.
  • How To Make a Top for a Knit Hat

    Add a fun accent to any knit hat with these ideas and instructions to make a top for any knit hat.
  • How To Make Adult Footed Pajamas

    Remember wearing footie pajamas as a kid? Use these tips to make them for yourself now that you're an adult. Here's how to make adult footed pajamas.
  • How To Make a Sand Hourglass with Plastic Drink Bottles

    With just a couple of used plastic drink bottles you can make your own sand hourglass and count the grains of time as they pass!
  • How To Make a Muppet-Style Mouth-Opening Puppet

    Are you a puppeteer? You can make your own puppets with these instructions. Here's how to make a Muppet-style mouth-opening puppet.
  • How To Make a Puddle Paddle Boat

    Do your kids love puddles? Find instructions for having more fun in the rain with homemade paddle boats. Here’s how to make a puddle paddle boat.
  • How To Make a Polymer Clay Doll

    Looking for holiday gift ideas for kids? Find materials and instructions for making dolls from clay. Here’s how to make a polymer clay doll.
  • How To Make a Paper Plate Lion

    Looking for craft ideas for kids? Find instructions for assembling lions using plates and construction paper. Here’s how to make a paper plate lion.
  • How To Make a Tree Mosaic

    Looking for a craft to do as a group? Find tips for outlining, preparing paper squares, and building mosaics. Here’s how to make a tree mosaic.
  • How To Make a Koozie

    The koozie is one of the simplest of sewing projects, and with these instructions you can sew one up in no time.
  • How To Make a Leather Checkbook Cover

    A fat checkbook seems to reveal a hefty sum of money that you are so keen in hiding elsewhere. It will be a good idea to conceal things altogether with a checkbook...
  • How To Learn Metal Stamping

    Metal stamping or metalworking is a process where thin sheets of metals undergo different procedures such as bending, embossing and piercing in order to achieve...
  • How To Make a Popsicle Stick Snowflake

    Want a fun holiday craft? Use these tips to make snowflakes with your kids. Here's how to make a Popsicle stick snowflake.
  • How To Make a Piano Bench Cushion

    Creating your own piano bench cushion can be quite easy if you know your way around a sewing machine or even a needle and some thread.
  • How To Make a Knife Out of a Rock

    Carving a knife out of a rock is not only going to test your patience and perseverance, your ingenuity, too. Here's how to shape your knife effortlessly.
  • How To Make / Sew a Sock Monkey Puppet

    Create your own monkey sock puppet with these simple directions to create a sock monkey by hand.