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  • How To Make a Paper Medieval Knight Helmet

    Do your kids love to play make believe? Get tips for making helmets for knights. Here's how to make a paper medieval knight helmet.
  • How To Knit a Zig-Zag Column Pattern

    Follow these simple knitting instructions to knit a zig-zag column pattern into any knitting project.
  • How To Make a Paper Mache Bowl

    Want an interesting craft project? Use these tips to make bowls to match any decor. Here's how to make a paper mache bowl.
  • How To Make a Paper Boat that Holds Weight

    Like to make paper boats? Use these tips to make ones you can place things in. Here's how to make a paper boat that holds weight.
  • How To Make a Quilt Frame

    Passed down from ancient tradition, quilting is a dexterity and pastime still maintained and patronized by modern enthusiasts of the art. This elaborate sewing method...
  • How To Make Headed Paper

    Make your own headed paper using Adobe Photoshop to create custom design company letterheaded or other headed paper.
  • How To Make a Sock Doll

    Do you want unique handmade gifts for kids? Find instructions for sewing dolls from socks by hand. Here’s how to make a sock doll.
  • How To Knit Continental Style

    Are you left-handed? It's easy to learn to knit left-handed with these tips. Here's how to knit continental style.
  • How To Knit Wool Slippers

    Follow these simple knitting instructions to knit wool slippers for yourself or as a gift.
  • How To Knit Flowers

    For a bit of detail flair, follow these steps to knit flowers into any knitting project you are working on.
  • How To Knit a Doll

    If you have some basic knitting skills you can knit a doll in very little time.
  • How To Make a Personalized Lunch Box

    If you want to bring new life to an old lunch box, why not personalize it? Instead of throwing away a perfectly usable lunchbox, you can make your own decorations and...
  • How To Knit a Slip Stitch Honeycomb Pattern

    Honeycomb stitches are the fastest to make so to make those pot holders or knitted socks, here is how to use the slip stitch honeycomb pattern.
  • How To Knit a Braid-like Cable

    A braid-like cable stitch is not as complicated as it looks and really adds zing to any knitted garment, from hats to sweaters.
  • How To Knit a Book Cover

    Why not knit a book cover for your favorite book? You can use your favorite color and add designs or even embroider your name.
  • How To Knit a Beanie with Straight Needles

    Round-shaped items such as beanies or socks can be knitted on straight or circular needles. Here’s how to knit a beanie on straight needles.
  • How To Knit a Baby Blanket for Beginners

    A knitted baby blanket can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. Start with these simple basics and learn how to knit your own baby blanket.
  • How To Make a Knotted Rag Rug

    Do you want to make something great for your house? Do you wish to give it a touch of true country charm? Well, here is a suggestion. Make your own knotted rag rug....
  • How To Hem Dress Pants

    The lost art of hemming can be easily learned and will come in handy when you want to hem dress pants to the right fit.
  • How To Hem a Prom Dress

    The lost art of hemming can be easily learned and will come in handy when you want to hem a prom dress for less money.
  • How To Hem a Dress or Slacks for a Smoother Appearance

    The lost art of hemming can be easily learned and will come in handy when you want to hem a dress or slacks for a smoother look.
  • How To Get a Book Bound

    Whether you have written a book or just want to preserve some special memories, follow these steps on how to get a book bound.
  • How To Buy Used Sewing Machines

    Used sewing machines can make interesting collectibles or can offer you a business where you repair sewing machines for resale.
  • How To Make a Homemade Photo Mini-Studio

    Are you a photographer? Want to save time and money with studio shooting? Do photography at home. Here’s how to make a homemade photo mini-studio.
  • How To Make a Covered Wagon with Popsicle Sticks

    Need to make a prairie wagon? Find step-by-step instructions for making old West wagons. Here’s how to make a covered wagon with Popsicle sticks.
  • How To Make a Handcrafted Beaded Lanyard

    Generally worn around the neck, wrists or ankles, the fun in making beaded lanyards is that you can customize them. Read on to get started.
  • How To Make a Slam Book

    Create the perfect old school slam book to pass among the crowd with these tips on slam book design.
  • How To Make a Microbead Pillow

    Get the comfort and cool feel of a microbead pillow at less cost when you make your own microbead pillow.
  • How To Make a Monkey Sock Puppet

    The monkey sock puppet is a classic puppet, and for many good reasons, not least of which is how easy it is to make a monkey sock puppet.
  • How To Make a Paper Plate Puppet

    Create your own puppet show quite easily with these arts and crafts ideas for a paper plate puppet.
  • How To Make a Paper Napkin Flower

    Decorate your table or just entertain yourselves with these arts and crafts ideas for a paper napkin flower.
  • How To Make a Pipe Cleaner Dinosaur

    Create a Jurassic playground with these tips on how to create a pipe cleaner dinosaur.
  • How To Make a Kinetic Sculpture

    A kinetic sculpture needs proper planning and design to give your kinetic sculpture balance and a sense of proportion in its movement.
  • How To Make a Beaded Zipper Pull

    Need help making gifts? Learn the steps for creating a unique pull for a zipper. Here's how to make a beaded zipper pull.
  • How To Extrude Clay

    Want to work with clay? Get tips on using a press to push out different shapes in clay. Here's how to extrude clay.
  • How To Draw Byzantine Icons

    Byzantines showed their devotion through icons which are sacred treasures of the Orthodox Church. Here are tips on how to draw a Byzantine icon.
  • How To Do Huck Embroidery

    Want to learn huck weaving? Get tips on trying this type of embroidery. Here's how to do huck embroidery.
  • How To Create a Model Car from Scratch

    Here are some of the guidelines on how to create a model car from scratch; it is a most satisfying hobby.
  • How To Create a Hand Stamped Magnet

    Magnets are so versatile and useful - here is a great way to keep the kids creative and occupied by making hand stamped magnets.
  • How To Create a Goal Book

    Create a goal book! Motivate and encourage yourself by transforming your personal insights into creative and artistic outputs!
  • How To Cut a Bias Binding

    Learn how to cut a bias binding on your sewing projects and finish your project off cleanly without frayed ends.
  • How To Create a Victorian Tussy Mussy

    A Victorian tussy mussy is a small bundle of flowers that brings the variety of nature together with some definite flower arrangement rules.
  • How To Create a Windsock

    Want to create cool windsocks? Learn how to create windsocks as a project for kids. Here's how to create a windsock.
  • How To Create a Scrim on a Budget 

    If you’re looking for ways on how to create a scrim on a budget, here are some pointers to help you out.
  • How To Learn Glass Blowing

    Learn the ages old art of glass blowing and you can create your own glassware of all kinds and with beautiful glass designs.
  • How To Learn Silk Screening

    Learning silk screening in a few easy steps and you can create your own decorative t-shirts, fabrics, and other silk screened products.
  • How To Make Your Own Dish Soap

    You can make your own dish soap for an interesting craft project and to ensure you get the natural, pleasant soap you would love to use.
  • How To Choose Basket-Weaving Tools and Materials

    Basket-weaving is a fantastic craft and hobby that turns out the best baskets and woven crafts when you find the right basket-weaving tools and materials.
  • How To Buy Sailing Ship Models

    Sailing ship models are wonders of handicraft and small models of pure freedom that you can find from these sailing ship model resources.
  • How To Balance a Grinding Wheel

    If you're an artist or craftsman, your best ideas can be prevented from working out if your grinding wheel is not balanced. Here's how to balance this important tool.