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  • How To Build a Bronze Sculpture

    The steps required to make a bronze sculpture have not changed significantly since da Vinci's time, which makes the bronze sculpture such an artistic pinnacle.
  • How To Carve Using Soapstone

    It is great to start with soapstone if you want to study sculpture as it is a forgiving medium. Below are tips on how to carve using soapstone.
  • How To Build a Display Case Out of Plastic

    Simple, inexpensive plastic can be the perfect raw material to set up a display case of any size and for any awards or collectibles.
  • How To Build a Gauss Meter

    With a few materials and a basic knowledge of magnetism and electronics, you can build your own gauss meter to measure magnetic fields.
  • How To Build a Custom Display Case or Cabinet

    Need help building display cases? Get tips for making your own cabinet to display items. Here's how to build a custom display case or cabinet.
  • How To Use a Knitting Machine

    Using a knitting machine is faster than just knitting by hand. You might prefer your own two needles, but a knitting machine can be exciting change of pace. Read on.
  • How To Attach Rhinestones to Fabric

    Follow these simple crafting tips to attach rhinestones to any kind of fabric and bring some life to your outfits or craft projects.
  • How To Weather Model Cars

    A newly built and painted model car can look a little too plastic and model looking, but these tricks to weather model cars can give your model a more authentic look.
  • How To Wrap a Gift Basket with Cellophane

    If you have made a gift basket as a present for someone, finish the gift basket off with a decorative cellophane wrapping.
  • How To Wet Sand Plastic Model Cars

    Wet sanding is a method for correcting or polishing original plastic model cars to produce perfect ones. Learn how to wet sand plastic model cars.
  • How To Add a Distressed Finish to Cabinets

    Want to refinish your cabinets? Learn to make cabinets look antique. Here's how to add a distressed finish to cabinets.
  • How To View Film Negatives

    Digital cameras are everywhere now, but many photos are still available that were taken on film. The negatives of these photos can be useful, but they take special...
  • How To Use a Grommet Tool

    Adding grommets to your scrapbooking and other projects is easy if you have the right tools and know how to use them. Here's what you need to know.
  • How To Add Crystals to T-Shirts

    The current fashion trend is for T-shirts to have crystals on them. The following tips will guide you on how to add crystals to T-shirts.
  • How To Add Rhinestones to a Boring Picture Frame

    You can easily add rhinestones to a picture frame to jazz up the look of the photo frame and draw attention to the picture you frame inside of it.
  • How To Use the Coluzzle Cutting System

    The Coluzzle cutting system can bring special details to your scrapbook and scrapbooking hobby.
  • How To Use Flowers to Make Wedding Centerpieces

    Wedding centerpieces pull the wedding reception together and make the reception area beautiful and romantic. Flowers are a typical wedding centerpiece option.
  • How To Use Plaster of Paris

    Plaster of Paris can be used to make shapes for crafts. If your project requires a mold, plaster of Paris will keep that shape as you work.
  • How To Use Foam Core

    Foam core boards are used as lightweight, inexpensive lighting aids for photographers looking to properly like their photographs and images.
  • How To Use Fresh Fruit in Floral Arrangements

    Fresh fruit gives a stunning fresh twist to your floral arrangements. Here's how to get started.
  • How To Use Polymer Clay

    Here are tips on how to use polymer clay which is more versatile and less messy than traditional clay.
  • How To Use Hotfix Rhinestones to Make Jewelry

    Hotfix rhinestones add sparkle to your craft project. They are easy and fun to use in your own jewelry designs. You can buy a kit, or work freestyle. Here's how.
  • How To Use a Rotating Hole-Punch Kit on Leather Working

    A rotating hole punch kit can make leather working far simpler and offer tools for more complex leather designs.
  • How To Use a Sheet Metal Brake

    The sheet metal brake is an essential tool in sheet metal work and must be respected, but a little instruction will get you using the sheet metal brake like a pro.
  • How To Use a Book Binder

    You can use a book binder to collate pages and bind them into a convenient and attractive book format by following these book binding steps.
  • How To Use a Pop Rivet Fastener

    The pop rivet fastener is a quick and handy tool for fastening a variety of materials together.
  • How To Start a Seed Bead Project

    A seed bead project is going to take a bit of patience and planning, but once you get a start on a seed bead project you'll be well on your way.
  • How To Gold Leaf a Tabletop

    If you want to enhance the appearance and value of your tabletop, consider gilding it with fine gold leaf. Learn how to gold leaf tabletops.
  • How To Tie a Lasso

    Always wanted to know how to tie a lasso? Grab some strong rope and follow these directions. You'll be swinging that lasso like a cowboy in no time.
  • How To Start a Home Photography Studio

    Follow these steps to set up a home photography studio and possibly open a business with your own photo projects and/or running a portrait business.
  • How To Tie Springs

    Need help with upholstering furniture? Tying springs is important in the process. Learn how to tie upholstery springs for better results.
  • How To Get Ready to Make Soap

    Make your own homemade soap easily with these simple instructions in soap-making.
  • How To Tie Sofa Springs

    Garage sales and thrift stores are great places to buy used furniture that just needs some TLC. One place to start is renovating a sofa by retying its springs.
  • How To Tin a Soldering Iron

    The tip of a soldering iron loses tin as you use it and eventually will become dull and rusty, possibly spoiling your project. But you can easily fix this.
  • How To Solder Using a Small Butane Torch

    Trying to learn about soldering? Get tips for soldering jewelry with a butane torch. Here's how to solder using a small butane torch.
  • How To Trace Calligraphy Letters

    Calligraphy is a beautiful art form that lends elegance to everything you write. Start by tracing the letters. This training will turn you into a talented calligrapher.
  • How To Frame a Canvas Print

    Here is a skill that could come in very handy for crafters and end up saving you a lot of money; learn how to frame a canvas print.
  • How To Find Discontinued Pottery Barn Items

    Pottery Barn has great products for home decorating and home furnishings. The only thing that can make them better is getting discounted Pottery Barn items.
  • How To Sew Leg Warmers

    Do you like wearing leg warmers? Make your own leg warmers with these sewing tips. Here's how to sew leg warmers.
  • How To Select a Scrapbook Template

    Do you like making scrapbooks? Get tips to use scrapbook templates when scrapbooking. Here's how to select a scrapbook template.
  • How To Sew Patches on a Custom T-Shirt

    Sewing patches on different types of clothing and fabric is relatively easy to do and needs only the basic stitch, but it can create a great look in a custom t-shirt.
  • How To Seal Painted Wood

    Need help caring for wooden floors? Seal your painted wood floors with these tips. Here's how to seal painted wood floors.
  • How To Sew Velvet Drapes

    Some people have fun creating their own velvet drapes. But sewing velvet may be difficult for beginners as it requires moderate skills in sewing.
  • How To Select Woodcarving Tools

    If you are interested in carving wood, you must learn how to select tools used for woodcarving.
  • How To Secure a Duvet Cover

    Here are some simple tips that you can follow in order to secure your duvet cover and the duvet inside.
  • How To Choose Paint for Fiberglass

    To make everything easy for you, here are some great tips when choosing paint for any fiberglass surface.
  • How To Cut Fabric for Valance Curtains

    You can easily cut your own fabric as valance material for your curtains. The important thing here is getting the measurements right.
  • How To Dry Mount Posters

    The steps in dry mounting a poster can be tricky. However, with this step by step guide on how to dry mount posters, anyone should be able to do it right.
  • How To Do Dremel Woodworking Projects

    Although the Dremel is simple, it is a very powerful tool that can be used for a wide variety of projects. Here’s how to use the Dremel for woodworking projects.
  • How To Customize a Canvas Bag

    Canvas bags are a convenient way to carry things around, and what’s even better is that a canvas bag is easy to customize, with iron-on decals, or even fabric paint.