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  • How To Make Crafts Using Catalogs

    If you are creative and you are looking for ways you can make art with the recycled materials that you have, one thing you can do is to make crafts using catalogs.
  • How To Use Sunflowers in Wedding Arrangements

    Choosing rarely used flowers for wedding arrangements, flowers such as sunflowers, can give a distinctive mood for a unique and solemn ceremony.
  • How To Make Olive Oil Soap without Lye

    In this article, you will learn how to make olive oil soap without the harmful liquid lye. Here’s how you do it.
  • How To Make Crafts with Broken Crayons

    If you have children, chances are you have a lot of broken crayons stored at home. These broken crayons do not belong in the trash but in your crafts drawer.
  • How To Make Ceramic Pots

    Ceramic pots are easy to make. Some pots are made with a pottery wheel. Some pots are made with just the use of the hands and the skill of molding.
  • How To Select Crochet Hooks

    Using the right size crochet hooks helps you complete your project in less time. Here is how to buy them.
  • How To Make Crafts with Walnut Shells

    Walnut shells are ideal for crafts as they are very durable and will last for a long time without cracking or breaking.
  • How To Make Flower Punches

    There are several innovative ways to create decorations for greeting cards, invitations and scrapbooks. You can use colors, beads and buttons, or make flower punches.
  • How To Make Homemade Photography Lighting

    You do not have to spend that much on expensive photography lighting equipment. There are some rigs you can build by yourself that can yield quite a good result.
  • How To Make Clothes for Stuffed Animals

    Tired of the usual clothes your stuffed animals are wearing? They may already be old and dirty. Make new clothes for your stuffed animals.
  • How To Make Coin Purses from Old Socks

    Here are the simple instructions that you can follow in order to make a coin purse out of your old socks.
  • How To Do Suspension Belt Replacement

    Check for the timing of the suspension belt replacement that you are getting. You can figure this out by looking at the belt diagram.
  • How To Make Leg Warmers from Socks

    Using old pairs of socks to make leg warmers is very practical and cost-effective. It is a good way of keep your legs warm and at the same time be fashionable.
  • How To Make Anniversary Centerpieces

    The uniform elegance and personalized quality of the anniversary centerpiece, among many anniversary decoration objects, helps show the long and lasting love of the...
  • How To Make Gift Bags for Work

    Make gift bags people can use for work, gift bags that do not have to be wrapped because they already look beautiful without the trappings of wrapping paper and ribbon.
  • How To Make Obsidian Necklaces

    Obsidian has long been popular as a favorite material in necklaces. Learn how to create your very own obsidian necklace with your own personal touch.
  • How To Make Clay for your Baby's Hand and Footprints

    While your child is still small and easy to cuddle, make a beautiful memory. Imprint your baby’s hand and foot. You can use clay to get your baby’s imprints.
  • How To Make Lavender Oil from Herbs

    Lavender oil on top of soothing tiredness can also eliminate odors caused by pets and is effective in repelling moths.
  • How To Make Coffee Filter Leis

    If you are going to a costume party or a Hawaiian themed celebration, you can make your own lei using coffee filters.
  • How To Make Velcro Handcuffs

    Either for a kid-friendly toy or for adults getting very friendly, here are the easy steps on how to make Velcro handcuffs.
  • How To Make Lemon Balm Oil

    Lemon balm oil is used for treat heat burns and exhaustion. Apart from the soothing scent, lemon balm oil also has herbs that minimize the spread of infections.
  • How To Make Hair Clip Display Cards

    If you are selling your own hand-crafted hair clips, or simply want to store your collection safely, you will need to make hair clip display cards on your own.
  • How To Make LED Refrigerator Magnets

    Follow the steps below to add that splash of color and light to your kitchen by making LED refrigerator magnets.
  • How To Build Wall Shelves Out of Drawers

    Building wall shelves out of drawers is a good way to maximize your furniture and give it an appealing color.
  • How To Make Perfume at Home

    The art of making perfume is rather simple. It’s all about the addition of various smells so that the resulting scent would be very soothing or arousing.
  • How To Make Chisels from Railroad Spikes

    Converting railroad spikes into chisels is easy. Sawing and filing are the only two skills that you need.
  • How To Make Jumper Dresses

    Transforming old and unused shirts at home into jumper dresses is a great way to clothe your children with something ‘new’ and hip, while keeping the budget in check.
  • How To Make Square Candles

    Square candles are pretty to look at and have a longer life as compared to the regular ones. Here are some great tips that you can easily follow in your leisure time.
  • How To Make Knitted Baby Hats

    Knitted baby hats are not only great for keeping babies healthy and well protected, but these can also be made as gifts for expecting mothers.
  • How To Make Quilting Stencils

    Depending on the size of the quilt and how many you plan to make, you'll probably need to know how to make your own quilting stencils.
  • How To Make Elmo Party Invitations

    Invite Elmo, the furry Sesame Street superstar into your party by making Elmo Party Invitations!
  • How To Make Crepe Paper Flowers

    You can make crepe paper flowers and decorate your home with them. They are cheap and easy to make as a project that you and your kids can do together.
  • How To Make a Silver Dollar Money Tree

    If you are looking for a gift for any occasion, try a silver dollar money tree. These trees are easy to make yet look pleasing when made, and the materials are...
  • How To Make Elegant Place Holders

    It doesn’t matter if it’s an intimate sit-down dinner for 10 or a big buffet for 50 or more, when throwing a party, it’s a must to create elegant place holders...
  • How To Build Floor to Wall Bookcases

    Sturdy bookcases are expensive, and if you have some carpentry skills, it is quite easy to build a bookcase that will be cheaper and sturdier than the ones sold...
  • How To Build Mylar Mirrors

    In the movie industry, Mylar sheets are used instead of real mirrors. They are lightweight, easy to install, and portable, and you can easily build your own mylar...
  • How To Make Slipcovers for Chairs

    Slipcovers for your chairs are a great way to add pizzazz anywhere in your home. Slipcovers can be made quickly but last for years.
  • How To Make Scrapbook Sidebars

    There are many wonderful techniques to learn that will enhance your scrapbooking. One of these techniques involves making sidebars for your scrapbook pages.
  • How To Make a Wedding Bouquet with Plumeria

    One of the most exquisite flowers in the world is the exotic Plumeria. They will add a bit of the tropics to any wedding bouquet.
  • How To Make Snowflake Lights

    Snowflake lights are a neat and inexpensive way to add some softness and charm to your holiday decor.
  • How To Build an Executive Desk

    My career as an Architect is built upon visuals. So I decided I needed a unique and powerful hand crafted executive desk. I also knew some parts had to be pre-fabricated.
  • How To Make Japanese Beaded Rings

    One of the best and easiest ways for you to create accents that will work for each of your outfits is by creating your own accessories, such as Japanese beaded rings.
  • How To Make Molds for Stepping Stones

    The first thing that you will have to consider before making your mold is to decide on the size and shape of your stepping stones.
  • How To Make Magic Wand Party Favors

    For a small child’s birthday party, a magic wand is an inexpensive and playful party favor that you can make yourself.
  • How To Make Cloth Diaper Covers

    To keep your baby's clothes and bedding dry, you need a cloth diaper cover. Not only it is environment-friendly, it is also convenient and comfortable for babies.
  • How To Bronze Baby Shoes

    These are the simple steps on how you can bronze your baby shoes. You can also bronze other items that you own by following these steps.
  • How To Create a Bear Skin Rug

    Some important considerations have to be pondered over when purchasing a bear skin rug or the skin to make a rug.
  • How To Blow Out an Egg

    Blowing out eggs is necessary for many crafts, like making Easter Eggs or for decorative purposes.
  • How To Make Casting Plaster

    Casting plaster is a method of making molds and casts. It’s fun and quite messy, but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless.
  • How To Make Modeling Clay

    What is great about making modeling clay is the fact that the ingredients needed are very simple and can easily be found at any home.