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  • How To Make Memory Books

    With a memory book, you are able to immortalize important events, note details, and even add your personal touch or designs in making them interesting.
  • How To Make Lollipop Wedding Favors

    One of the inexpensive wedding favors that you can create are lollipop wedding favors, which are easy to make, and are delicious as well.
  • How To Make Marquetry Patterns

    Marquetry is a form of art that makes use of wood in order to make images that are superimposed. Veneer wood or platings are used in creating this project.
  • How To Make Ooze

    The materials and ingredients that are to be used for ooze are quite common, and you probably wouldn’t have to go to the supermarket to prepare the things you need.
  • How To Make a Velcro Display Board

    Having the right tools for being organized doesn't necessarily mean having to shell out big bucks. And one of the tools that you could make is a velcro display board.
  • How To Make a Rifle Silencer

    Learn how to make a rifle silencer.
  • How To Make Handbags at Home

    As much as branded handbags are hot items, a homemade bag that you created on your own can stir curiosity and elicit admiration especially when it is well crafted.
  • How To Make Money Holder Cards

    Want to give cash discreetly? There's a wonderful go-to alternative for your dilemma, and they're called Money Holder Cards.
  • How To Make Plaster Molds of Hands

    Children especially enjoy this craft, and families can create lasting memories by creating plaster molds of their hands each year.
  • How To Make Pottery Using Dice

    A pottery dice is basically like a mold of a specific shape, for example a cup. The dice used in pottery always comes in thick pieces, usually at least three separate...
  • How To Make Salt Dough

    Salt dough is an easy and cheap way to create unique ornaments and crafts that you can give as gifts to everyone that you love.
  • How To Build a Child's Rocker

    You and that special little person will definitely appreciate a child's rocker that has been built by your own hands.
  • How To Make Slumber Party Invitations

    There are a number of ways to make your slumber party invitations original, to make your guests feel extra special when receiving an invite to your slumber party.
  • How To Make a Singing Birthday Card

    We want to let someone know how we feel about them on their birthday. To make sure that you do just that, consider the idea of making a singing birthday card.
  • How To Make Soap Balls

    You can easily make decorative soap balls for display and use in your bathroom or for innovative gifts.
  • How To Make Peace Sign Accessories

    The peace sign was created in the seventies to symbolize peace in a war torn era. You can make your own peace sign accessories for yourself and friends.
  • How To Make a Black Background in Photography

    Making the background black in photography is a technique often employed by seasoned photographers. This technique is useful to emphasize small objects.
  • How To Make Patchwork Jeans

    Making a brand new pair of jeans look uniquely vintage is easy if you know how to sew patchwork! Follow these steps and your boring jeans will become one-of-a-kind!
  • How To Make a Patchwork Quilt

    If you have a bunch of leftover fabric laying around the house or some old baby clothes, then consider the idea of making your child or adult a patchwork quilt.
  • How To Make Soap Without Lye

    Lye is a dangerous, corrosive substance used in making soap. The recent surge in green living and all natural health has brought lye-free soap into the spotlight.
  • How To Make Soap on a Rope

    Soap on a Rope is a great novelty that is practical in the shower and makes a great gift. You can purchase Soap on a Rope, but it's easy to make yourself.
  • How To Make Custom Labels and Tags

    Customized labels and tags are great for keeping your things neat, organized, identified and personalized!
  • How To Make Lighted Fireplace Vases

    Not everyone can enjoy a fireplace. A lighted fireplace vase will give the mood and ambience that a fireplace has, without the need for burning logs or excess heat.
  • How To Make a Simple Telescope

    Have you ever thought about how Galileo made his telescope to see outer space? Remember, there was no telescope available in his time—he made his own.
  • How To Make Envelope and Stamp Glue

    You can make envelope and stamp glue from a few readily available ingredients from your kitchen and office supplies.
  • How To Make Deployment Bracelets

    Many people wear deployment bracelets because it sends out a strong message of supporting a loved one serving far away from home.
  • How To Make Baby Shower Invitations in Diaper Shapes

    To usher the baby into the world in a fun and creative way, use diaper shaped baby shower invitations. Here’s how.
  • How To Make Glitter Gel

    Doing a project that requires glitter gel? Enjoy doing that project more by making your own glitter gel, and by calling out your friends to help you out.
  • How To Re-Fashion Blue Jeans into Grocery Bags

    The cloth bags provided at the grocery store counters are neither durable nor pretty, so you might want to make your own cloth grocery bags by using old blue jeans.
  • How To Make Gauntlet Gloves

    Today, gauntlet gloves are used to protect hands from the cold and not enemy knights. You don’t need to buy them at the store, you can make gauntlet gloves yourself.
  • How To Make Decorative Recycling Containers

    To make recycling much more fun to do, decorate recycling containers with your children. Adding designs will help you to talk to your family about the values of...
  • How To Make Decorative Personal Address Labels

    If you’re one of those people who prefer to send postal mail instead of using email, you may want to make decorative personal address labels.
  • How To Make Decorative Oil Candles

    Decorative oil candles are not only great additions to your home, but can also be used as gifts for your friends.
  • How To Make Tin Cans into Decorative Lanterns

    There are plenty available in the market, but making your own decorative lanterns is one of the best ways of getting lanterns that are decorated just the way you like...
  • How To Make Fake Sea Glass

    Sea glass is that collectible frosted bottle with rounded edges that is the result of being played around with by the sea. You can create fake sea glass yourself.
  • How To Make Easy Rustic Curtains

    If you’re the type who wants the look and feel of country living even if you live in a city that never sleeps, then making your own rustic curtains should pique your...
  • How To Make Placemats with a Fall Theme

    Fall is a lovely time to decorate due to its golden hues and amber glow. You can apply this season’s theme to your placemats by following the tips below.
  • How To Make Decorative Bottle Stoppers

    Take a few sips of your favorite wine during dinner or to relax after work, and leave the rest of the bottle fresh by using decorative bottle stoppers.
  • How To Make Cute Wedding Shower Centerpieces

    Wedding shower centerpieces are one of the best ways for you to decorate a shower. These are also some of the most exciting pieces to make.
  • How To Make Graduation Centerpieces

    To make a graduation more glittery and significant, decorating the party room with a graduation centerpiece can be a lovely idea.
  • How To Make Gift Wrap Paper

    Who doesn’t appreciate a beautifully wrapped gift, more so when the wrapping paper was made by the giver? Learn to make gift wrap paper with these design suggestions.
  • How To Make Your Own Fingerless Gloves

    You don't have to be a wizard at knitting and you will only need some of your old clothes, a pair of scissors and basic needlework to make your own fingerless gloves.
  • How To Make Doll Clothes

    Dolls are also one of the ways small children expand their imagination. Instead of buying doll clothes from the shop, however, you can make your own doll clothes.
  • How To Make Doll Shoes

    One of the biggest problems parents face is the doll that has lost its shoe. Making your own doll shos is the easiest way to keep your child happy and your wallet intact.
  • How To Make Fabric Beads

    Use your fabric beads anyway you want. Make bracelets for family and friends or some unique dangling earrings. Let your imagination run wild and continue recycling.
  • How To Make Custom Machine Embroidery Designs and Patterns

    With constant patience and determination, soon you can quickly change any images into your dream embroidery designs. Read on to learn how.
  • How To Make Custom Embroidery Design

    Creating your own embroidery design may sound complicated but with the correct steps, it is actually very easy to make one.
  • How To Make Cushions for Lawn Chairs

    If you want to change the appearance of your lawn chairs in a jiffy, all you have to do is make different sets of cushion covers for your lawn chair cushions.
  • How To Make Curtains for a Dollhouse

    You can change the look of your dollhouse by creating curtains. Not only are the curtains made of fabric, they can also be made of other materials like paper.
  • How To Burn Designs Into Gourds

    Even before the advent of pottery, ancient civilizations utilized gourds as one of their tools for survival. In this article you will learn how to burn designs into...