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  • How To Recycle Your CDs into Suncatchers

    Do you have tons of scrap CD’s stacked somewhere around the house? Instead of throwing them away, you can make sun catchers out of them.
  • How To Make a Paper Airplane from A4/Letter Paper

    Learn how to make a great paper airplane by following these simple steps.
  • How To Make Folding Paper Fans

    Folding paper fans are easy and fun to make, and are very useful during the summer. Paper fans can also be used as decoration in the home to give it an oriental look.
  • How To Make Flower Centerpieces with Real Flowers

    Having real flowers as centerpiece livens up the room more than artificial ones, since it has a different glow and natural scent that comes with it.
  • How To Make Stepping Stones Using Your Child's Handprint

    Making stepping stones with your child’s hand or footprint is a wonderful way to create tangible memories of your child’s growth.
  • How To Make Photo Earrings

    Photo earrings are a great way to personalize your jewelry collection and a truly unique way to express yourself through fashion.
  • How To Build a Photography Light-Diffuser Box

    This instruction on building a light diffuser box can be expanded on to fill and fit to any situation, and will look completely professional, no matter the location.
  • How To Make Patchwork Clothes

    There are five different ways to make patchwork clothes that I know of. Four of the methods are so easy that you don't even need directions.
  • How To Make Photo Candle Votives

    These little photo candle votives are a cute display that will allow you to place a number of photos together in one arrangement.
  • How To Make Beeswax Candles

    Beeswax candles are an easy, fun project, that the whole family will enjoy making. Along with candles there are many beeswax crafts to choose from.
  • How To Make Sofa Cushions

    Finding replacement cushions may be an impossible task for an old sofa. The easiest solution is to make new sofa cushions by using the old cushions as patterns.
  • How To Buy Pre-built Die-Cast Models

    When buying a pre-built die-cast model, it is imperative that attention to detail is adhered to.
  • How To Make Pipe Cleaner Snow

    If you are looking for a fun activity to do with the children, make pipe cleaner snow with one another.
  • How To Make Pillows for Newborns

    Wait until after the baby is born to make the pillow so that it can feature elements specific to the newborn.
  • How To Make a Secret Hollow Book

    Here are the methods that I have used many times in making secret hollow books. I have made these Secret Books in many different ways, depending on the application.
  • How To Make Reception Decorations on a Budget

    There are many ways you can make your own reception decorations on a tight budget. Simply take a look at a few key points about your wedding.
  • How To Make Pyramid Centerpieces

    If you are looking to host an event that has something to do with Egypt, then you might be interested in having these pyramid centerpieces.
  • How To Make Stick Incense

    Although stick incense is readily available and generally inexpensive, creating your own stick incense is an exciting process allowing you to create custom scents.
  • How To Make Potpourri Wedding Favors

    Both brides with craft skills and those without can whip up a batch of potpourri wedding favors in no time, leaving mental space to stress about other wedding details.
  • How To Make Potholders

    If you like your potholders to be thicker simply add more batting to the inside of the pot holder, and this will create a much wider and thicker pot holder.
  • How To Build Model Ships

    There are many types of materials that can be used to build model ships, and the choice of material depends on the craftsperson.
  • How To Build Model Helicopters

    There are some common things that should be understood and tools to have for the building of your model helicopter.
  • How To Make Party Poppers

    In six easy steps, you can create fantastic, colorful, and easy party poppers.
  • How To Make Seed Packet Party Favors

    To save money and make a unique party favors, many people like to make their own seed packets.
  • How To Make Prom Wrist Corsages

    Prom wrist corsages need to start off with the colors that are in your prom dress and the flower that you would like best to go with it.
  • How To Build Electronic Circuits

    So you want to build electronic circuits? In most instances the best way to learn to build electronics is to start off by breaking them.
  • How To Make Bible Crafts for Kids

    Many Sunday school sessions begin and end with these types of bible crafts for small children.
  • How To Make Board Game Greeting Cards

    This coming holidays, make your invitations and greeting cards stand out by customizing and making your own cards based on board games.
  • How To Make Baskets Out of Popsicle Sticks

    Plenty of arts and crafts projects can be made using Popsicle sticks, and one of these is the Popsicle stick basket.
  • How To Make Badges

    There are plenty of badges that are available in the market today. If you want to stand out with a badge of your own, here are the ways to make your badge.
  • How To Make Carnival Masks

    Throwing a Mardi Gras or Carnivale party? Make your own carnival masks in several varieties.
  • How To Make EPS Foam

    EPS foam is one of the most common uses of polystyrene. It is made from expanded polystyrene beads, usually white, and can be molded into many forms.
  • How To Make a Trailing Wedding Bouquet

    There are many different styles of wedding bouquets to choose from like arm sheaf, nosegay, Biedermeier, cascading and trailing wedding bouquet.
  • How To Make a Ringbearer Pillow

    Even with just the basic know-how on running a sewing machine or the patience to hand-sew, it is easy to learn how to make a ring bearer pillow.
  • How To Make a Ribbon Bouquet

    If you want to keep your pretty wedding bouquet instead of throwing it to the crowd of eager bridesmaids, why don’t you throw a ribbon bouquet instead?
  • How To Make Hammered Metal Projects

    Hammered metal complements just about any objects in your home as long as you know how to blend them. To make hammered metal projects, here are suggested methods.
  • How To Make a Reusable Grocery Sack

    Make a reusable grocery sack made of materials you already have in your own home. Here are a few useful tips on how to go about it.
  • How To Make Beaded Wine Glass Charms

    Wine glass charms are one of the best ways for you to distinguish one wine glass from another as well as to add a little something to your wine and table setting.
  • How To Make a Stethoscope Cover

    To let the recipient know that your gift is not from your pocket but from your heart, you can make him or her a stethoscope cover that can be truly appreciated.
  • How To Make Great Gift Baskets

    Gift giving can be more fun if you are the one personally wrapping your gift. Assembling gift baskets is easy and gives you opportunity to be more creative.
  • How To Make a Hula Hoop

    Before you know it, you will be out there in your neighborhood, twisting and turning with your very own hula-hoop.
  • How To Build Magnet Motors

    Can you really rely on the power of magnets as an alternative fuel source? Yes, through the use of magnet motors, and building one is indeed rocket science.
  • How To Make a Powerful Magnet

    Undeniably, magnets can give you countless benefits. However, it is important that your magnet must have a strong hold for it to be of optimal use.
  • How To Build Toddler Bed Rails

    Your toddler will remain safe and sound with the help of toddler bed rails.
  • How To Make Anglican Rosaries

    The rosary stems from a lot of different religions. However, the Anglican rosary is mainly used by Christians.
  • How To Install a Keyboard Tray on File Cabinet Desks

    If you already have a file cabinet desk, all you have to do is install your keyboard tray on your file cabinet desk, and you’re good to go.
  • How To Make a Strawberry Costume for a Baby

    Whatever the event or reason is for dressing up your baby, making a strawberry costume for your cute angel can always be one of your options.
  • How To Make Ankle Bracelets

    With a few easy steps, you can make simple, beautiful ankle bracelets everyone will love and enjoy.
  • How To Make Birthday Hats

    These birthday hats are not only very easy to make but are also one of the best ways of showcasing whatever theme you have chosen for your birthday party.
  • How To Make an Inspirational Jar

    Inspirational jars are very fun to make. They are also great things to have around when you’re feeling a bit low and need something to raise your spirits.