How To Know Popular Dance Styles

Aside from a real dance studio, a dance studio online offers a wealth of dance instruction and styles for all ages. Free instructional video downloads will get you started. Based on dance styles, there are separate learning areas with helpful information and tips on how to execute the steps gracefully. They are intended for dance enthusiasts of all levels.

In our dance styles, let's start with the Tango. This dance epitomizes the elegance and glamour of high society. Today, dance instruction for this dance is available from dance studios. Dance instructors present an academic 8-count basic pattern for beginners. This pattern is: beat 1 is the point of departure; on beats 2, 3, and 4 the act of walking through space; on beat 5 joining together; on beats 6, 7, and 8 the physical closure to the entire set of steps.

The Hustle is another dance style, which started in the 70s during the disco era. The dance instructions here are in sections. Step side, touch together, step other side, step together is repeated. This is called section 1. For sections 2 onwards other steps are given by the dance instructor until the music is over. The basic foot pattern is simple. The steps are often called out:

  • ball-change
  • walk
  • walk
  • ball-change

Swing is another dance style. It teaches the essential doubles and triples rhythm in a simplistic form. Dance instruction in this style is simple and exciting as there are only a few lessons to learn. East Coast Swing provides an intro to Swing dance in general. The music has 4 beats but the dance rhythm is 6 counts. It can be danced with a triple rhythm with 8 steps in the basic pattern.

Fox Trot is another dance style, with a variation known today as the Quick Step Fox Trot. This dance changed the dancing world because of the music that inspired it. Foxtrot is a smooth dance. It is like traveling around. There is a long walking movement that involves a subtle rise and fall action. It has a more moderate rise and fall.

Foxtrot steps are:

  • Basic forward
  • Basic backward
  • Rock left turn
  • Forward progressive
  • Promenade

The Viennese Waltz is another dance style, which is beautiful to watch and to dance. This is a social dance within the reach of ordinary people. Appropriate dress for the event contributes to the beauty of the dance.

Different dance styles involve different steps. Dance instructions have always been clear, and if the dancers follow every dance instruction, then dancing would be more fun. The five dance styles above could be a starting point for beginners. Dancing is an exercise and a good hobby to cultivate. Following dance instructions for different dance styles is similar to following rules and regulations in any given activity.


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