How To Buy Digital Picture Frames

Moments caught on camera, used to be preserved on photo frames, wood frames, custom frames, collage frames, or art frames. With the introduction of new technology, displaying photos has gone digital with the use digital picture frames. Buy digital picture frames that you personally like or feel the recipient will appreciate. The accessories will differ depending on the components you choose to add like audio, video, wireless downloads, motion pictures, slideshows or printing software. Here are some tips to consider when buying digital picture frames:

Screen sizes vary and are usually measured in inches, diagonally. Standard film print sizes are recommended since they closely match the 7 up to 9-inch digital frames. Resolutions show the pixels or picture elements of the screen image. An 800×600 or more resolution frame is suggested since this is better for viewing.

The aspect ratio expresses the width to height relative dimensions of the picture frame. The standard 4:3 ratio is highly recommended and used for CRT televisions, old movies and common film prints.

Digital picture frames have a CPU memory, and a flash memory that can range from 256MB to 10GB and stores pictures, audio and video. For those who take many pictures, buy a 32GB memory card with the same type you use for your digital frame and digital camera. You can also buy frames with memory card readers that have multiple-memory card slots built-in the frames.

Buy a USB 2.0 that can transfer data faster. Support for a USB port will be an add-on for you to transfer images or videos to or from your computer or camera, and to download photo files.

Frames come in wood, and metal and plastic in any color. Choose a frame that has a good interface. Some digital frames have face plates that are interchangeable to fit your mood, built in software and remote controls to adjust brightness and color, turn on slideshows, or a refresh to often change images. Some frames have a touch screen feature, a built-in clock, alarm and calendar or can automatically switch off at night.

All digital picture frames run on AC power but some frames have batteries that give you the option to hang your picture frame without hanging wires.

Other accessories and features include:

  • Audio: Digital frames have built in speakers that can play background music or slideshows with music. Your digital frame should be able to play commonly used file formats for audio in MP3, WMA or WAV.
  • Video: For your stored pictures to have motion, your digital frame needs the software that can play video files in AVI, DAT, ASF, WMV or MP4 formats.
  • Wi-Fi: A few digital frames come with a Wi-Fi feature that allows you to transfer images directly from a Flickr photo stream. Most online photo management services like Kodak Gallery are supported to sync with Wi-Fi.
  • Bluetooth: It would be easy to download photos straight from the camera of your phone to your picture frame if your digital frame and phone are Bluetooth-compatible.
  • PictBridge: Many photo printers and digital frames have a PictBridge software pre-installed that will allow you to print digital pictures by directly connecting your digital frame to a printer.
  • Photo software: Prints are transformed into digital picture files with the use of a computer, scanner, and an imaging and art software.

Gone are photo frames, wooden or wood frames, custom frames, collage frames, and art frames as the common way to display photos. Digital picture frames is the newest technology that will stay for years.  


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