How To Do a Sexy Dance

Dancing is both a sport and an art form.  A lap dance is a type of erotic dancing, not only will it turn you on and make you feel sexy while you are performing but it will also turn your spouse on.  Once you've seen a lap dance you will understand why men are mesmerized by them.  Performing a lap dance isn't as difficult as it sounds all you have to do is have fun and have confidence in yourself and your body. Follow these simple dance moves and with practice you will be able to perform the perfect seductive lap dance in no time.

First off you will want to get in the mood to perform a lap dance.  Dress in some sexy lingerie or a sexy revealing outfit; don't forget to put on some perfume.  Get the music ready and set up the chair or location that your spouse will be sitting at.  A great song choice is 'Drip sweat' by David Banner; however you can choose any song that fits the mood for you and your spouse.

Now that you are prepared it's time to work on a few sexy dance moves. The key to a seductive dance is to move slowly.  Start out about 4 to 5 feet away from your partner.  Move your hips back and forth slowly inching towards him while caressing your body.  Be sure to smile and have eye contact with your partner, you want him to know that you are enjoying yourself as well.

Once you have reached your spouse, face him with your feet together and lean forward so that your breasts are in his face.  Slide your hands down the front of your thighs and slowly bend your knees until you are on your knees on the floor.  Arch your back so that your butt is sticking out and slowly move your waist in a circular motion.  If your hair is up now is a good time to take out the clip and let your hair fall down your back.  To get back up to a standing position put your hands on your spouse's knees for balance and slowly swoop your body up while rubbing on him.

Men enjoy breasts, so naturally you'll need to incorporate your breasts into the dance.   Face your partner and place your hands on the back of the chair bending so that your breasts are in his face.  Slowly move in a circular motion with you're breasts are rubbing against his face and nose.  Remember he is not allowed to touch you, but you can touch him.  Kiss his neck lightly and whisper something sexy into his ear.  You can change this move to your liking, start out with your breasts rubbing his face and slowly travel down his torso with your breasts touching every inch of his body.

Enjoy yourself and have fun while you are dancing.  Keep your eyes locked with your spouse's the entire time; this will keep the both of you connected throughout the dance.  Also remember that the slower you move the sexier the dance moves will come across.  Once you have perfected your own original lap dance there will be no need for your spouse to ever visit a strip club again.


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