How To Do Cheerleading Dance Moves

Dancing is one routine that cheerleaders do aside from stunts. A good cheerleader gyrates and entertains the crowd as she cheers for her team. In many school sports, the half time show highlights the dance moves of the cheerleaders. To learn more about how to do some cheerleading dance moves you have to do the following:

Always do your dance moves in eight counts. Then name your eight counts to help you memorize the choreography (for example: step 1, pump 2, stretch 3, step back 4, turn 5, push 6, cross 7, open 8, etc.) Follow the steps slowly and precisely. Master this by doing it repeatedly. Allow your muscles to be comfortable as if it comes naturally. Choose an appropriate music that will fit your dance if music is needed.

Try this simple cheerleading dance move: The first two eight counts in dancing is freestyle. Try to improvise moves as you do freestyle. In freestyle dancing a cheerleader usually does her signature move. Very simply, try to create one or just follow the beat of the music. The 3rd eight count starts with a standing position with one hand on the base of your head and another to your hip. Keep your body straight, stomach in and chest out.

One, push down your hand which was on your head, bring up the other from the left hip to the right shoulder. Put your legs together simultaneously with this step. You may call this as Tuck 1.

The two count is Open Clap 2. Do this by letting your hands in front of each other as if you are clapping, leaving them open.

The three count, will also known as Push 3. Push as if you are keeping someone from entering a door. Slam it with finesse and with force. At the same time with pushing, lunge forward with your right leg.

The fourth count which is Open Arms 4, is done by opening up your arms. Your left foot should also move forward.

On the fifth count (Head Swing Down 5), swing down your head, hands on knees and your fingers turned inside.

Next, the sixth count (Head Swing Up 6), you should swing your head up with your hands still on your knees.

At the seventh count (Cross 7), come up and step forward with the arms now crossed.

In the eighth and last count (Open Arms 8), you open your arms downwards and stand with the legs apart. Repeat this move until the routine becomes smoother. Increase you speed and make your motions forceful yet with poise. To practice this well, memorize and visualize the steps in your mind. Imagine in your head how you dance it and how others see you dance. Try to practice this also in front of the mirror gradually until you have mastered the steps.

With more practice and exposure you could be a good cheerleader. You can now hit the floor and do your cheerleading dance moves and wow the audience with your technique and style.


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