How To Do Cheerleading Stunts

Cheerleading would be boring if words were the only thing involved. Simply put, cheers are not complete without exciting stunts as part of the routine. To be a cheerleader, it is not only required that you can shout some phrases while being personable and bold. You must also be strong, flexible, and energetic, and be able to perform skills including gymnastic stunts and dance moves.

If you're learning cheerleading stunts, be sure you have a qualified instructor in your presence before attempting anything. Cheerleading can be a dangerous sport if not done properly and carefully. If you're part of a cheerleading squad, your coach will help you learn the different skills needed for the various routines. If you're not on a squad and either want to learn some stunts or want to be prepared for try-outs, most local gymnastics schools offer specific cheer classes that will help you grow stronger and more confident in a variety of skills. Over the summer, cheerleaders from various squads can also gather at camps and classes to improve their skills, moves, cheers, and stunts to be better prepared for the upcoming season.

When you are performing cheerleading stunts, you'll need to have a good understanding of building a solid foundation and proper spotting to ensure safety. If the balance is off from the very start, many moves simply won't happen and may end up being very dangerous. You'll need to be strong and stable to do cheerleading stunts, as will the entire team. One of the basic cheerleading stunts is that of the pyramid, and it will be a building block for future moves.

Flying is a popular cheerleading stunt that has a person atop a base or pyramid flipping or leaping to the ground. A variety of different flying skills and stunts can be learned using changes in the base or the position in the air. Routines will also likely include jumps, leaps, and splits along with plenty of dance and tumbling skills. Back handsprings, roundoffs, and handstands are among popular stunts used in cheerleading routines.

Other than safety, the most important aspect of doing cheerleading stunts is creativity. Without creativity and a bit of energetic spark, individual cheerleaders and squads can end up looking just like everyone else. The crowd may get easily bored or fed up with the antics of routines that are not eye-catching and exciting. Try to create unique routines filled with new stunts and well-choreographed moves, and your cheerleading stunts will be helping hometown crowds catch the cheering bug easily!


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