How To Do Father's Day Crafts

Making a gift for your father is more personal and meaningful than any store bought gift, and you don't have to take a large amount of effort to make this. It can also be a time of fun and enjoyment for children to be creative and show their love in a unique way.

  • One of the most meaningful and easy crafts to start with is a permanent record of your admiration for dad. First, line a small pie plate with wax paper, mix Plaster of Paris as directed on the container, and pour it into the plate. The child then takes their hand and places it palm down in the solution and carefully lifts it out to leave a clean hand print. They can then write their name above the hand and "Happy Father's Day" into the plaster or can later paint it on after the plaster has set. Once removed and decorated, this makes a charming and meaningful gift for dad, plus it is fun to make.
  • Another wonderful craft for Father's Day is hand decorating cards. Take ordinary cardstock and fold it in half to make the basic card form. Then decorate it with markers, paint, crayons, glitter, and any other items that you have laying around the house. You can also take a personal picture and put it on the front of the card, making it a keepsake.
  • Popsicle sticks are versatile items, and can be found at any craft store. Gluing them down in a square or other interesting shape and then attaching it to the top of cardstock or cardboard makes for an easy picture frame. Put a picture of the child with dad at a special event inside, and then decorate with paint, glue, glitter, found items and related supplies to make it stand out.
  • Preserve your past with your father by making him a memory book. Take past pictures, movie stubs, and other small trinkets of great times and put them in a small journal. Next to each one, write a small passage about the moment, what it meant to you, and anything else that you feel is appropriate. The cover can be decorated as you imagine, and you will be left with a very special gift for Father's Day.

These easy to do Father's Day crafts are inexpensive, fun, and most important of all, personal. Nothing is more meaningful as a gift that is made and full of love, and dad will love your different creations.


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