How To Download Free Slots Games

There are so many slots games available on the Internet nowadays. The key is to know where to look for them. So if you’d like to play online slots, then here are three of the best places to look:

1.    Mecca Bingo. Mecca Bingo is a website that gives you the chance to play slots of various themes with interesting names such as Cleopatra, Hollywood Boulevard, Horror Show, Caribbean Nights and Roaring Twenties. Mecca Bingo gives you the option to “play for fun” or play for real cash games. You would also have the chance to play demo games.  Perhaps the best thing about Mecca Bingo is that you don’t need to download their games; all you have to do is just click on your desired slot game from the available list on a website and play. The available games generally have superior graphics and sounds, according to what that game’s theme is. If you want to play for real cash, you would need to have a credit card or debit card, and you’d have to register your card number. However, if you live in some countries where online betting is illegal – such as Hong Kong, the Netherlands and the United States – you will not be allowed by the site to proceed.

You’d be able to find Mecca Bingo at this address.

2.    Golden Palace Casino.

This is a trusted and recommended online casino. This site offers a huge variety of online slots, over 100 casino games. If you win slots, you would be able to retrieve your money via wire transfer direct to your bank account, or via bank draft (where they could just send you your check via snail mail). You’d be able to see video slots screenshots of available games, and from there you can click on the particular game that you would like to download free. Choose from 5 Reel-20 line slots to 5 line slots; or 3 Reel multispin slots. Fifteen reel slots, which are rare among online free casino games, are available on this website. You’d also receive instructions on how the installation process would go about. These downloadable casino games could work for operation systems such as for Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP or for Vista.

You’d be able to find Golden Palace casino at

3.    Slot Tips.

Slot tips is a very good source of online free casino games, since it has pages for its most recommended games for free download or free demonstrations. You will not only be able to play the games but read their descriptions as well; this will enable you to choose better and not waste time randomly choosing slot games. If you were new to slot gaming, you’d find its Slot Games 101 portion helpful. It contains tips on how to play, as well as definitions of some basic slots terminology. You’d also have access to various helpful information such as slot myths and history; a list of new online slots and other casino games; as well as a comprehensive directory of other highly recommended casino websites.

There you have it! These websites would surely provide you with lots of fun slot gaming during those downtimes when you just want to relax and de-stress. Just a little bit of caution: these online slot games could be highly addictive! Play in moderation, and as any veteran gamer could attest, it’s important to know when to quit. Have fun!


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