How To Find a Custom-Made Music Box

A lot of people love music and it is shown in various ways. Different musical instruments were developed to express music. In 1796, a watchmaker in Geneva, Switzerland named Antoine Favre developed metal combs that struck a pre tuned-metallic note. It was at that time when the first musical box was created.

A music box or musical box is a musical instrument, which is composed of pins placed in a metal cylinder. It is strummed by metal combs creating musical sounds. Through the years, music boxes have developed into different types. There are musical boxes that have discs which you can change and pocket watch that has music movements.

The production of music boxes bloomed in the 1900s until the invention of the phonograph. Music boxes were brought to America by the Regina Music Box Company and settled in New Jersey. After World War II, production of music boxes was solely produced by Reuge. Sankyo Seiki is a Japanese company that also created music boxes. They use the latest innovation in automation making way to modern production of the music box.

As years progressed, music boxes are now being customized. A lot of people are looking for ways to customize music boxes. Custom-made boxes have a personal touch on them. You can either create you own music box or have someone assemble it for you.

If you are looking for a customized music box, here are some tips on how to find them.

  • If you decide to create your own music box, the best way to proceed is to look for the instructions. You can search the Internet for the directions or you can attend a workshop that teaches you how to create a music box. Creating your own music box is fun. You can adorn your box with different designs like jewelry, pictures or you can put your favorite music figurine on it.
  • If you want your music box to be more intricate and professionally made, you can go to music box stores and manufactures to check for customize music boxes.

Here are some music box manufacturers who customize music boxes.

  • Heirloom Musical Creations offers you the ability to design your own music box. Using David box and Grand David box, customers can order the music box they want. Located in Dripping Springs Texas, Heirlooms Musical Creations uses Sankyo Orpheus musical movements both 50 and 72 notes.
  • Another custom music box creator is the Music Box Attic. Music Box Attic has a wide collection of music boxes from Mr. Christmas rare piano music box to Sorrento music jewelry boxes. They also customize and personalize music boxes according to the customer's choice.

Musical boxes are great gifts for occasions like weddings, baby christening, birthdays or anniversaries. They are also some of the most collected music collectibles in the world.


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