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Card making, like other creative projects, can be very productive when inspired by ideas from a lot of different people. Consequently, if you’re interested in card making, you can benefit from listening to the ideas and advice of other people who share your interest rather than just trying to think up everything on your own.

Putting together people’s ideas might seem a bit difficult, especially if your friends and associates know little about card making. The easiest way to do it, of course, is to search online. Card making can be easy even for those who aren’t into crafts, with graphic software that allows one to design a card from card blanks, digital photos and templates, in which one can put an appropriate greeting or poem and print the finished product out. For those whose interest lies more in paper crafting, there are a lot of other sites, like Craft Focus, where you can view card crafts or get news and advice on the ideal tools of the trade, what you need and where to buy scrapbooking kits and supplies. Probably, however, an online resource can only walk you properly through a few basic things at best, so if you want fresher ideas and more information, you can think about checking for them in special card making magazines. Here are a few magazine titles that you might find helpful to check out before you begin doing your next project:

  • CardMaker. This bi-monthly magazine is friendly to beginners in card making, but will still be interesting and valuable for already skilled crafters. It features projects ranging from simple to the very elaborate, made understandable through step-by-step instructions and pictures to enlighten you when you’re mystified by a step.
  • Scrapbook and Cards Today. This is for people who can also list scrapbooking as a hobby, and who is looking at card making as a pleasant diversion or as a way to use their leftover material from their scrapbooks like beads, patterned paper, tissue, embellishments, etc. Anyone interested in card making would probably find this interesting too, but the projects in this magazine typically make use of stuff you can get from scrapbooking kits.
  • Crafts ‘n Things. To be exact, this is a paper craft magazine, but it deals with a variety of other hobbies that you can do at home, including card making. If you’re strictly a fan of card making alone, this magazine is probably not the best choice for you. But if your interest in card making extends to crafts, or if you want to look for inspiration from things other than what you already see in card making ideas, then Crafts ‘n Things is certainly worth looking into.
  • Paper Crafts. This magazine dedicates itself to providing ideas to crafters who enjoy modifying art, scrapbooking, rubber stamping, as well as card making.
  • Just Cards. This magazine offers a veritable treasure trove of ideas. You can make your own card stock from their project ideas, which amount to at least three hundred per issue, so you have a lot to choose from for whatever holiday or event you wish to make a card for.

You can try browsing for these magazines at a library, or buy one and check if it suits your taste before subscribing to anything.


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