How To Find Cheap Yarn

As any knitter or crocheter knows, yarn for either hobby can be very expensive. The cost of yarn may have caused you to cut back on your crafting or stop it completely. But there are several ways you can find cheap yarn so that you can continue the hobby you love.

  • You can find cheap yarn in regular retail stores if you plan your shopping times. Many craft stores run sales of 25 to 40 percent off certain craft supplies in different categories from week to week. Watch the store's ads every week, and buy when the sale category is yarn. You can also find cheap yarn in the craft stores when they offer coupons for a percentage off any item in the store. You can typically only get the coupon's discount on one item at a time, but you can get extra coupons from friends or neighbors and make multiple trips to the store to purchase all the yarn you need. If your chosen yarn doesn't have a dye lot, you will also have the option of visiting multiple store locations. This will help tremendously if the first location doesn't have enough yarn in stock for your project. Some craft stores also run separate online sales that may lead to a better deal and bigger selection of cheap yarn.
  • Another way to find cheap yarn in retail stores is to keep an eye on their craft sections. As craft trends tend to run in cycles, retail stores may drop certain items or brands of items. If you can catch a clearance sale at your favorite retail store, you can find cheap yarn in sufficient quantities for almost any project. Again, choosing yarn that doesn't have a dye lot increases your chances of benefiting from such a clearance sale, as you can visit multiple store locations for all the cheap yarn you need.
  • Finally, don't forget about alternate sources of cheap yarn. Sometimes you can find yarn and other crafting supplies at yard sales or estate sales. Freecycle groups may even offer free yarn. You may not get enough yarn from yard sales or Freecycle to complete a large project, but you can generally find enough for small projects.

It may take a little time for you to find cheap yarn in sufficient quantities for your project. But if you take the time to do so, you can continue your favorite hobby without putting a large dent in your budget.


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