How To Find Discount Tickets to Silverwood Theme Park

Rides in the park

Idaho has its own fun park, the Silverwood theme park. It is located in northern Idaho near the town of Athol. The Silverwood theme park was built in 1986 and was opened to the public in 1988. The owner, Gary Norton first included carnival rides, shops and a steam train that goes around the whole park.

The earliest attraction in Silverwood theme park is the afternoon air show. Plane glider stunts are a must see. Gary Norton's personal plane collection is also one of its famed attractions. His collection of antique airplanes is shown in a hangar inside the park.

Silverwood rides include 4 big roller coasters: the Tremors, Timber Terror, the historic Corkscrew and the newest addition to the group, the Aftershock. They also have the panic plunge that slowly rises you up above and accelerates down at 47 mph.

Aside from roller coasters for adults, Silverwood also offers kid friendly rides. Tiny toot coaster is a miniature version of the big roller coasters. They also have Carousels and flying elephant rides. Since Garfield is the official mascot of Silverwood, appearances by the beloved character are also a must see for children.

Silverwood still maintains the old rides in country carnival, which is like the tilt-a-whirl, antique cars and ferris wheel. Shows and entertainment still run in Silverwood. They have magic shows performed by professional magicians, shows on ice that run everyday and live music shows by their resident musicians.

In 2003 Silverwood built Boulder Beach, a water park that is next to Silverwood itself. It shares the entrance gate of Silverwood, so if you enter Silverwood you also enter Boulder Beach.

Silverwood tickets are available in the main gate of the theme park. But if you are looking for discount tickets for Silverwood, here are some tips on where and how to find them.

  1. Silverwood offers consignment tickets to some companies for their employees. So if you're interested, you might as well ask your employer if they have such a program. If not, you can call Silverwood for a good package.
  2. Another way to get cheap or discounted tickets is to stay in the hotels or eat in the restaurants around Idaho. Silverwood partners with some hotels and restaurants around the area so it's easy for them to give discounted tickets if you stay with them.
  3. Discount coupons will also give you discounts on the tickets. Check newspapers or magazines for coupons.
  4. And lastly you can check tickets online like at eBay or Costco. These online stores sometimes offer discounted Silverwood tickets.

As the years progressed, Silverwood theme park made many changes and additions to their rides and attractions. So if you want to enjoy your vacation, consider going to Silverwood Theme Park.


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