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Whether or not you made it into the U.S. Air Force, you can now maneuver the flight simulator hardware without the expense and within the confines of your own home computer. With the technological combination of a joystick simulator and software CD, it is possible to fly airplanes higher and faster at any angle, glide between hills or mountains, and launch missiles at opponents.

Each PC game's simulator is well developed with 3D graphics, and uses controls for real-life mission combat. What's more unbelievable is the creation of a realistic plane simulator for game consoles, making it more exciting to play. The console gives a real-life feel of a fighter simulator. 

Virtual pilots have confessed that online flying simulator games have given them a real flying experience. The escalating numbers of these games has made it closely possible to engineer the famous Boeing 757. Whether you're flying for fun or for practice, flight simulator games can be a blast. And you don't have to spend a ton of money because there are free versions out there. Here is the list of websites where you can find tons of heart-pumping free action:

  1. - Blitzgamer provides tons of flight simulation games. The games are designed in Flash and Shockwave. They are less violent and more of strategic. Most of these games will hone your piloting skills and defense strategies. Titles that are frequented by users are: Skies of War, Air Show, Robo Kill, Hostile Skies, Mission at Dawn, and many others.
  2. - The site offers 100% free online flight simulator games for children and kids-at-heart. The Webmaster also allows everyone to embed or link any games to his own website. These games test a person's ability to think quickly and his survival capacity. Most are filled with aerial combats and fiery missile shooting. The top rated titles are: Stunt Pilot, Storm Rage, Overload, Battle over Berlin, Plain Flight Simulator and Cloud Soldier. 
  3. - Die-hard gamers surely know this site. It offers downloads, reviews, demos, and more for its community. It also provides diverse games suitable for various consoles such as PS2, PC, Xbox, PSP and DC, and users are encouraged to post reviews or comments. Gamespot has a list of popular flight simulation games ready for download or preview. 

Now that you know how to find free flight simulators online, you can start downloading and playing them with your friends. Have fun!


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