How To Find Free Classical Music Online

Amid the prevalence and apparent domination of rock and pop music on all forms of media–be it radio, television or the internet–there remains a strong, albeit silent, demand for classical music. While listeners to classical music are frequently portrayed as either old, mellowing men and women or nerds with thick glasses, the truth is that the loyal followers of classical music defy any stereotype. In fact, members of the younger generation, who we thought were firm supporters of rock and pop, are also ardent listeners of classical musicians.

It is well-known that classical music relaxes the mind and soothes the soul. It is perhaps for this very reason that college students like to listen to classical piano renditions, classical songs and classical concerts the night before their big exams. The gentle and restful combinations of notes by master classical musicians help clear their minds of clutter and make them refreshed the next day. In some hospitals, surgeons prefer to listen to classical songs during their most difficult operations. Presumably, classical music helps keep their minds clear, their nerves calm, and their hands steady.

Until recently, followers of classical music would have to search their favorite music stores for copies of their favorite classical musician’s masterpieces. The domination of rock and pop music in the 21st century has relegated CDs of classical piano, classical songs and classical concerts to obscure corners of the record bar, where they would only be seen and appreciated by those who go through hoops in the hopes of finding good CDs.

Fortunately, the advent of new media has benefited classical music, such as online distribution channels like iTunes. Bigger and faster data storage and transfer facilities have made it easier to watch video and listen to audio clips through the Internet. On some websites, it is even possible to watch classical concerts and listen to music live via data streaming.

There are plenty of sites that offer live streaming of classical music. Classicalwebcast attempts to collect all live broadcasting classical radio stations on the Internet into just one site. Within the site, you can listen to 150 online classical radio stations free of charge. The website classifies the radio stations according to geography and provides a short but informative description on each featured radio station.

WCPE 89.7 FM offers free live streaming of classical music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The site has a nifty search feature that allows you to search the site for your favorite composer, or a contemporary artist who plays classical works. Aside from offering free streaming of classical music, it also has additional features such as historical facts and news on classical music.

Mymusicstream is another site that offers free online streaming of classical music. However, it also offers streaming of other kinds of music – suitable for the individual with varying tastes.

The wonders of information and communication technology have certainly benefited classical music and classical music lovers. Live online streaming of live classical music has enhanced the accessibility and availability of classical music for all fans of good music. No longer will a fan need to scour the darkest corners of record bars to look for his favorite classical CDs. With a computer, an Internet connection, and an few clicks of the mouse, one can listen to his favorite classical musiciana for free and in the comfort of one’s own home or office.


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