How To Find Free Knitted Hat Patterns

Often the hardest part of knitting is finding new patterns. Pattern books can be expensive, and it's even worse when you buy an entire book and only end up using 1 or 2 patterns in the book. You've already paid for the knitting needles and the yarn, sometimes you just want a free pattern. There are several options both online and off for resources for free knitting patterns.   Since hats are easy to knit they are often some of the most popular and abundant patterns out there.

  1. Try your local yarn store. People online often use the abbreviation LYS. This usually refers to a smaller, privately owned store (as opposed to a chain store). Sometimes they have basic patterns that they give out for free to new knitters.  In local yarn stores there are often other knitters sitting around who are more then willing to share their patterns with you.
  2. A chain store such as Michael's or JoAnn's will have free knitting patterns (as well as smaller pamphlets you can buy) in the aisle with the yarn. Even if you don't want to knit the item in the pattern right away it's a great way to grab free patterns to add to your pattern library.
  3. Your local library has knitting books, you can take out a knitting book and use the pattern. If you have a copier at home you can make copies of the patterns you like and return the rest of the book.
  4. Online. This is one of the best resources if you have internet access (a printer helps as well). There are several places online to get free knitted patterns. is a great website that has seasonal patterns. They release new patterns 4 times a year. All the patterns are free to use. is another resource for free patterns (and a great general knitting resource). They have many patterns separated by type. You can also see other people who have used this pattern and how it came out along with their notes on the pattern.
  5. When all else fails you can search on for "free knitted hat patterns"  and get lots of links to people who have posted their patterns for others to use.

Just make sure when using free patterns that you are using them for personal use.  Many patterns state that they are not to be used for retail purposes.  If the patterns do not have this stipulation then there is no restriction on selling the knitted item.


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