How To Find Knitting Gifts

The obvious place to find knitting gifts for someone who truly enjoys knitting would be a knitting store. However, this is definitely not the only place you can find a gift for anyone who enjoys this specific hobby.  Knitting gifts can be located at many art stores, outlet stores, or in larger discount department stores.

Anyone who loves to knit will appreciate any type of gift related to knitting. There might be specific size knitting needles to replace. This would make a less expensive gift for any knitter and save her money as well. Find the gift that would please a knitter by being aware of what she uses while she knits, any supplies she may have lost or what needs to be bought to get an idea of what you feel might make a perfect holiday or birthday knitting gift.

  1. Get her a subscription to one or more of the major knitting magazines. Knitters always appreciate finding new patterns to knit and new methods of knitting them. The magazines also alert the knitter to the latest colors and newest styles of yarn available and what patterns are in style.
  2. Socks are always fun to knit and are appreciated by anyone who receives them. Buy a sock knitter's kit which comes complete with needles. These are often packed in organizer sets. Those who knit argyle socks might also appreciate a new knitting counter.
  3. Find out where your knitter buys yarn and pick up a gift certificate gift at that yarn store or at any discount store which has a craft department.
  4. Most knitters wind the yarn into a ball by using the back of a chair or a friend's two arms. An automatic Yarn Baller will make the perfect gift for any knitter on your gift list.
  5. Buy the beginner knitter on your list, a knitting basket completely filled with everything that a new knitter would need. Visit a knitting store and ask for assistance in filling the basket with fun knitting supplies. Make sure that you also add an easy pattern or two so the knitter can start to knit.
  6. Many knitters enjoy making argyle socks for the men in their life and could use various bright colors to knit them. Find the latest shades and pick up a few new knitting needles.
  7. Buy a can or container of detergent specially used to wash and refresh knitted afghans that might have taken months to knit.


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