How To Find Multiplication Games Online

Math is so much easier to learn and to practice nowadays due to the many online math websites that offer not only addition, subtraction, multiplication and division drills but also higher math skills.  Kids and adults can learn various math facts, practice worksheets, and perform tests interactively.

Experts say that multiplication requires practice, and that a child learns more when he is having fun.  Here is how you can find online multiplication games:

  1. Simply type ‘online multiplication games' into your search engine.  You will surely be overwhelmed with hundreds, if not thousands, of sites for this type of games.
  2. Narrow your search to your child's current grade level or to only those sites that offer free online games.
  3. Visit and explore the different websites.  Test the multiplication games to see if they are fun, easy to play, and more importantly, age and level appropriate.  Don't forget to explore the other areas of the website.  This is to ensure that you are comfortable having your child clicking on the different choices found on the site.
  4. If you are happy with the game, bookmark the website for you and your child's easy access later on. 
  5. For websites that require registration, make sure to register using your own name and email address for security purposes.  If you wish to download a multiplication game, make sure your computer has updated anti-virus software.

Here are some sites that have online multiplication games:

  • is a website dedicated to teaching multiplication. It has interactive worksheets that allow kids (and adults) to practice multiplication drills. There are also online tests and resources for free.
  • offers various online learning games for the different age groups. It has a lot fun facts, reading and math games and resources for teachers and parents alike.
  • Math Fact Practice an online game for practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills can be found in Play Kids Games.
  • Funschool by Kaboose  is a site for kids, parents and teachers to explore not just for its fun and colorful multiplication games, but for other topics and activities as well.
  • is also a good source of free online multiplication lessons. You can find other types of downloadable software there for math and other subjects.
  • has a downloadable game worth mentioning. Timez Attack is an interactive game that boasts hours of fun and skills practice. The base game can be downloaded for free. You also have the option to buy the full version for its additional features.

Don't forget to check out the review sites as well.  Kids Games for Learning reviews three of the many other multiplication games on the web. 

Your child will definitely enjoy learning multiplication through an interactive online game.  Just make sure to monitor the sites your child visits, the games he plays and most importantly, his progress.  Take full advantage of the resources you can find on the Internet to help your child learn and enjoy multiplication.


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