How To Find Printable Name Tags

Apart from being a personal identification, name tags are one of the common accessories nowadays. They come in varying designs and colors that can match your mood, personality and purpose.
Most of the time, name tags are attached to a silver chain and worn around the neck (just like dog tags). Pets also have their own name tags on their collars. While some name tags are placed on top of the desk to let others know that the desk is yours. Teachers usually have these kinds of name tags.

But the most basic name tags are the ones that can be pinned to your shirt, used commonly by students during the first week of the school term. Unlike the commercially made ones in plastic or metal, these are made of cardboard or paper, with just the student's name handwritten on it. Boring, isn't it?

The good news is, there are printable name tags available online. These printable name tags already have designs and colors; there's no need to stick with the traditional, boring name tags that only show your name. Now, you can replace your old name tag, or produce a new one, with cartoon designs, name tags with borders, number and flowers - any design is available. All you really need is a printer. And of course, reliable and user-friendly sources.
Here are some of the sites that offer printable name tags:

  1. DLTK's Growing Together - The Web site offers different name tags of different designs. There are various themes you can choose from, like animals (fish, lion and bird), religious/bible themes (ark, ten commandments and praying hands) and so many more. You can have it printed in either black and white or colored design.
  2. Print Free Cards - Aside from birthday cards, invitations, postcards, certificates and stationary, can also provide you with free printable name tags and pet tags. These are available in summer themes, dinosaur designs, Easter and birthday designs.
  3. Freeprintable Fun - Easy to use name tags can be found on this Web site. Tags are designed in red and blue frames, elementary school name tags, floral inspired, colored name tags or circular ones.
  4. Printpicnic - Shows different types of name tags as well as gift tags. These are available in unique and colorful designs, which can be downloaded in PDF or DOC file.
  5. Teacher Vision - Offers cute Curious George as the design of name tags. Ideal for pre-schoolers during the first few days of the school. Who knows? Maybe no child can be too shy to talk with your kid if he sees cute George.
  6. ABCteach - Mark your school desk with free printable desk name tags from this site. Commercially made desk name tags are expensive compared to this. So why buy when you can make one? Besides, it's nicer to have a name tag that speaks your personality, not just your name.

These are so many uses of name tags, as name badges, name labels and even luggage tags. Clothing label or fabric labels are also name tags since they represent the name of the brand. A good idea for a gift is a magnetic name tag, which can be placed on refrigerator doors. Nevertheless, you can always make your own personalized name tag. Nothing is more unique than adding a personal touch to it.


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