How To Find the Latest Bollywood Songs

Bollywood is a disambiguated term created in the 1970’s for the Hindi-spoken film industry based in Mumbai, India. For the common foreigner, Bollywood connotes the totality of Indian cinema. However, it is just a fraction of the real Indian film industry. The new millennium saw the popularity of Bollywood boom across the whole world, as foreigners enjoyed the quality of the cinematography, the unique storylines and the contagious rhythm of its songs. Most Bollywood movies usually have the lead actors sing and dance during the movie.

These song numbers that the lead actors perform are often as popular as the movies themselves. A stunning example is a film made by Bollywood that recently won the coveted award for best foreign picture. It had a track that was so rhythmically addicting that it was remade in English by a popular girl group. It was a smash hit. From that time on, people have been hooked not only by India’s Bollywood movies but Bollywood’s songs as well.

For an Indian outsider who enjoys the music of their latest favorite Bollywood film, how do you find that song that captured your ears and your heart? Since the Internet is the only access you’ll likely have to enter the local music scene, use it to your advantage.

  • The easiest way is to perform a brief site check. There are lots of search engines available so make sure that you use the ones with the widest scope. Enter the keywords with a pretty smart guess as to the song’s title and actual lyrics. Spell it as well as you can. When the search comes up with links, check the fan sites and the lyric sites first to see if an English translation is available.
  • Another alternative is to reach the identifiable Indian websites that accompany the lyrics or movie of the Bollywood song you have just heard. Look at the catalog of songs. Keep searching for the original title or attempt to translate the title to English using another window.
  • Online Indian radio stations are also a great way to look for the latest Bollywood songs. Although you may not have any idea as to what the disk jockeys are saying, they usually feature chart hits on weekends and late afternoons where you can have a fill of your Bollywood addiction.
  • Finally, you could write to the band or artist who performed the song, or go through the music label that produced the song. You could find this information at the closing credits of the movie. Ask them where the song is usually played online.

The cities of Mumbai and Calcutta are infused with this kind of music. These Bollywood songs are highly infused with catchy beats and the background of traditional music like the sitar. Most of the time it’s all about love, destiny or hope for a better future and loved by both young and old alike. Foreigners entranced by this kind of music need not despair as these are generously shared online.


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