How To Find Your Ancestor's Birth Certificate

Birth certificate

The birth certificate is one's guide through his identity. It is indeed an important document that will unlock all the questions regarding one's history and will be a way to get some other important documents. Having your own birth certificate with you is not a guarantee that you are already secured in regard to the identification of yourself. Sometimes, the need for getting your ancestor's birth certificate arises due to certain circumstances.

However, it is not that easy to find records of ancestors. Since birth records are not that common before, many might not have any record at all. Or, due to circumstances like destruction of public records, it might be impossible to get a replacement copy of it.

Digging for Records

Even though it is hard to find the birth records of ancestors, there are certain circumstances that give you no choice but to do the search. However, there is nothing to worry about it. Genealogists are designing easier ways on how to find records of your ancestors.

Often, the first step in looking for a birth certificate of an ancestor is looking into church records and birth registrations. And you need to know two things to help you find it. These are the date of birth and the place of birth. If you don't have the information, you can check these following steps when you start your search in a blank:

  1. Check your ancestor's records in health care reports before his birth like hospital records, doctor's bill, and receipts.

  2. Look for accounts of his birth. You can check newspaper accounts, doctor's certificate of birth, baptismal records, midwife records, and hospital records.

  3. Check the records of the family. You can check them in:

    • Family Bible. Usually, family members make an entry in their family Bible regarding the birth of a member.

    • Diary or Journal. Look for a diary or journal of family members or friends that might have recorded the birth.

    • Letters. Since family and friends might exchange letters announcing the birth, the letters can be a good source.

  4. Look for the gifts that are bought for the baby. Commonly, the birth plate and christening cup of the baby contains information like the baby's name, weight, date and time of birth.

  5. Check for records in institutions.

  6. Check for records that might have the birth date recorded. You can take a look at records like military enlistment papers, passport, marriage license, driver's license, census records, and death records.

Checking Other Resources

Since you are not assured if you can get a positive result in the above-mentioned steps, you can rely on easier online resources. There are lots of online software that use a template to help you know the birth date of your ancestor. There are some resources that just need a Social Security System number, date of birth, or the name of the person to search for the date of birth of a person. You just need to enter the information in their blank template and they will generate the information for you. You can give it a shot.

When you already have the two necessary data, you can already begin to dig for the birth certificate of your ancestor. You can start the search at the state level or county level.

Yes, it might be tiring to get a copy of the birth certificate of your ancestor. However, all your efforts will be worth it when you already have them in your hands. The copy can be more important than the marriage license, death records, and other documents related to your ancestor.


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