How To Fold a Paper CD Case

To create a CD case with just one sheet of paper is as simple a task as folding the sheet of paper three times.  The only tools you will need are scissors, glue and a flat surface upon which to create à la Davinci, your very own CD case masterpiece.  To be green in the making of your CD case, you may want to re-use a sheet of paper that has print on one side.

  1. First Fold Near Center.  First place your treasured CD at the very edge of the length of paper.  If you happen to be recycling a piece of paper already containing print, be sure the blank side of your paper is facing is down.  Now fold your paper over, as you neatly couch your CD inside so that the fold touches the edge of your CD that's towards the center of the paper.  If you're using a regular sized piece of paper that happens to be 8 1/2" x 11" you should now have your paper folded, containing a flap one inch at the length's edge that you will later be able to fold over, envelope-style when the time comes to complete your CD case.
  2. Snip at Fold Edges. Open back up the piece of paper and lovingly glance at your CD, envisioning the case you are about to create.  Pick up a pair of scissors and proceed to cut into the paper's fold 1 1/2" only.  If you don't have a ruler, that's okay, just place your CD down in the center as a guide to make sure you're not snipping the paper beyond what your CD will fit. Do this 1 1/2" cut on both edges of the fold of your paper.
  3. Fold Flaps Inwards and Glue. The four 1 1/2" flaps can now be folded inward.  Here's where glue comes into play.  Moisten the facing flaps with glue, fold the paper back together along the original fold causing the glue moistened flaps to meet and voila!  You have a two-minute made CD case.
  4. Enjoy your CD Case. Let the glue dry on your lovely CD case, place your CD inside and close the final flap.  The remaining 1 1/2" flap on the CD case's final flap edges can be trimmed for a more pleasant aesthetic.  Add magic markers and your imagination for an even more pleasant aesthetic feel.


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