How To Get Beginner Piano Lessons

Taking piano lessons when you have never played the piano can be very enjoyable and fun, especially if you really enjoy listening to any type of piano music. Piano lessons can be taken by anyone at any age that happens to own a piano or has access to a piano and loves music. Take beginner piano lessons at any age and at any stage of your life. The only prerequisite to taking piano lessons is your love of  music and to have access to a piano.  The beginner who wants to get piano lessons can be of any sex and of any age. The only requirement is an interest and desire to learn to play the piano, the patience to practice, and to decide what type of piano lessons you prefer. For those that do not have a piano, a keyboard will work.

  1. Buy, rent or lease a piano if you do not already own one. Piano lessons can be difficult to take if you do not have a piano to learn or practice on. A full piano keyboard electric keyboard can be used for beginner piano lessons.
  2. Piano lessons are highly recommended for any beginner to learn how to play the piano. Once you get a piano it is important to learn the keys and to recognize the tones or sounds of each piano key when it is played.
  3. Sit on a piano bench in the center of the piano. There usually is an emblem of sorts on the wood at the center.
  4. Look at the keyboard. Notice that a piano keyboard is made up of white and black keys, all the way to the right and left of a piano or keyboard. Recognize that a piano is also made up of sets of two black keys and three black keys with white keys below.
  5. Look at the center of the keyboard where you should be sitting. The first key is white, and the first note is a "C", and in the middle of the keyboard it is called a 'Middle C".  The notes of a keyboard are the letters in the alphabet, C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C.  This is called an Octave and it repeats itself all up and down the piano keys. Learn to recognize their sounds and play each key with one finger to start.
  6. Notice that wherever there is a C,D,E, there are two black keys above. Between the E and F, there are no black keys, and between the F, G, A, there are three black keys. This is how the entire piano keyboard is made up. Look at the keys, play the keys with one finger, and hear the sounds the keys make.
  7. Learn that a pianist always sits at the center of a piano before playing even one note. For the first piano lesson, learn the letters of each key, learn the sounds of each key, recognize how they sound when you play them lightly or hit them hard.


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