How To Compare Grand Piano Models and Prices

Having a grand piano (or even just a baby grand) does not only enable a piano-player to enjoy playing music within a wide range of musical scale, a grand piano is also an elegant design centerpiece in any home. You could level up the class in your room, and play a few timeless tunes – that combination definitely make for classy entertainment.

If you’re looking to purchase a grand piano, it’s a good idea first to do some comparison shopping among the different ones available. Grand pianos go the range of $25,000 to about $75,000 (for renowned piano models such as the Steinway model B), although you do have the option to buy used for selling prices at more than 50% off the original prices.

One of the best ways to do comparison shopping would be to do it online. First, you could go to the websites of major piano manufacturers such as Yamaha (, or Yamaha has a wide range of models, such as their C and S series (their most renowned lines, and with the largest sizes), GB1 (their more affordable baby grand piano model) and GC1.

Steinway and Sons is another world-renowned brand; visit their website at Once there, you would see pictures of their different collections such as the Legendary Collection, which are recreations of historical and antique pianos. The grand pianos in this collection are very expensive, however – the Alma-Tadema recreation costs $675,000. Other artistic masterpieces include the brilliant blue Rhapsody grand piano featured in the Art Case Collection, and the sleek, black 125th Anniversary Limited Edition Piano. However, the general public would most likely be interested in Steinway’s Grands collection, with models A, B, C, D, L, M, O and S (their baby grand version). A stand-out in terms of creative design is the model C “Small Concert Grand,” and in terms of size, the model D “Concert Grand.”

The drawback to doing comparison shopping by focusing solely on the brand websites is that very rarely would you find the prices listed. They do have, however, their contact information listed, so you could call them up for further information.

Another way you could get more information on different player pianos’ models would be through websites that have a variety of piano brands for sale. These websites include Beethoven Pianos (at, which offer piano brands such as Baldwin, Niendorf, Steinway and Yamaha. A plus is that this website lists down the prices on their brands (look up the virtual showroom pages). Another similar website is, although most of its models are Steinway and Sons and Mason and Hamlin.

You could opt to purchase used and restored grand piano models; check out for this option. When buying previously-owned piano, take into consideration the year that it was made, about how many years it was used, and how it was stored during the periods of unuse.

An additional consideration when buying a grand piano would be the finish – hey, it should match your home’s living room wallpaper, don’t you think? Typical piano finishes are ebony, mahogany, walnut and ivory, though of course you do have the option to have it refurbished with the particular color of your choice; many major piano tuning services offer this service as well.

If you think grand pianos are too expensive, you could purchase smaller digital pianos instead; these digital or electronic models are usually also found in the same websites you could find grand piano collections.

One last suggestion: be guided by users’ reviews on different piano models, such as at the websites and the forums on Good luck, and have fun piano shopping!


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