How To Hang Up Bird Feeders

It’s fun to bring more of Mother Nature into your backyard by hanging a bird feeder and inviting birds to eat their favorite seed. Besides the enjoyment of watching them flitting on and off the bird feeder, you will feel good knowing you are helping out. In extremely hot summers and in the winter, natural food is not easy for them to find.

There is more to putting up a bird feeder than just hanging it up. You have to find the right location for the bird feeder in your yard. The following steps will help pick a good spot and hang the bird feeder securely.

  1. Remember that a good portion of the seed will spill out of the bird feeder on to the ground. If you don’t want to end up growing your own seed plants, keep the bird feeder away from your gardens and your well-kept lawns. You might want to pick an area over a patio where the seed can easily be swept up or eaten by birds on the ground.
  2. Since the plan is to suspend the bird feeder from a clothesline or very narrow pole run between two trees, try to find trees that are at least 6 feet apart. Keeping bird feeders six feet from tree trunks or limbs will keep squirrels from being able to jump to the feeder and waste all that birdseed. A clothesline or a pole are both good choices, because they are slippery and will also help keep the squirrels away.
  3. Once you have picked the perfect spot - preferably close enough to a window so you can watch the birds as they feed - string your clothesline or pole between the two trees. The higher from the ground that you string your clothesline, the safer the feeder will be from squirrels.
  4. Tie or hook a line to the top of the bird feeder. Again, don’t make this line too long or the bird feeder will hang too low. Fishing line is best because it is too thin and slippery for the squirrels to clamber down.
  5. Tie the other end of the line on the bird feeder to the line that is strung between the two trees. Tie as close to the middle of the clothesline as possible so that the “jumping” distance from the trunk of the tree and the bird feeder is maximized.
  6. Don’t forget to add the seed.
  7. Enjoy the show!



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