How Postage Stamp Value Is Calculated

More and more people around the globe are enjoying stamp collecting as an entertaining and a pleasurable hobby. On the other hand, collecting a postage stamp is costly for most people; thus, millions of people are considering their postage stamp collections as an asset. If you are a stamp collector, you may be interested to know the value or the cost of your postage stamp collection. Follow these tips to determine the market value of your stamp:

1. Stamp albums may help you organize your stamps according to categories. For used stamps, do not include the postage postcard in your album.

2. Make sure that you consider the following elements in scrutinizing your postage stamp: physical condition of your stamp (used or not), rareness of your stamp, and age and origin of your stamp.

3. A few tips in identifying the place of origin of your stamp:

  • Aside from Great Britain, all stamps include their place of origin. The names of the non-English speaking countries are engraved using their native language.
  • You may verify a Great Britain stamp through a monarch’s silhouette.
  • Consult translators (whether persons or online translators) to understand words you cannot understand.

4. A few notes in identifying the grading and the condition of your stamp:

  • Fine stamps have the highest market value.
  • Original prices of your postage stamp are reduced to a maximum of sixty percent.
  • Consider the following when grading your stamp: size of your postage stamp; image location in your stamp; distortions and unnecessary marks in your postage stamp; and color of your stamp.
  • Stamps that are not used or are mint stamps have higher rates than stamps that have been used.

5. Postage stamps that include remarkable cancellation dates are also a plus for higher value.

6. Stamps that are of limited edition have a higher stamp value. Postage stamps with higher and atypical original value also have the potential of soaring in value. The stamp that has the highest value is the definitive postage stamp.

7. Postage stamps with noticeable flaws are one of the most valuable stamps in the world. Stamps with mistakes can be worth almost $200.

8. Use a stamp guide or a stamp catalogue. To know more about the value of your postage stamp, you may use stamp guides. You may find stamp guides in libraries, bookstores, or in an online template. For beginners, it is recommended that you choose a stamp guide with pictures and informative captions.

9. Look for the gum. It is the adhesive behind your stamp. Stamps with adhesive have higher values because only new stamps use gum.

Keep in mind that when we talk about your postage stamp’s value, we are talking about the market cost of your stamp. You may determine the market value of your postage stamp in many ways. You may seek the help of your trusted postage stamp dispenser. You may also check out some websites on the Internet that provide free value testing of stamps.


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