How To Access Files on your PC by the PSP via WiFi or USB

Playing psp

If you follow these steps, you should be able to play music, videos, homebrew games and apps and much more that is in your PC on PSP via USB/WiFi.

  1. Downloading files. The files that we must download are PSPHost and IRShell. The first one is the program that you will run on your PC to start a "special" connection with the PSP, and the second one is the homebrew that you will run on your PSP to access that "special" connection.
  2. Installing and setting up PSPHost. After you have downloaded PSPHost, decompress it and open the folder, execute the PSPHost.exe (or something like this) and install it as a default program. Now that we have the PSPHost installed, you must configure it. To do this, run PSPHost (desktop's shortcut or Start menu). It will run and then a PSP icon will appear on your taskbar. Right-click on it, then click settings, set the folder to share over USB/WiFi (or check the "Select cygdrive" box to share all folders of your hard disk). Now click "OK" to save the configurations and exit that screen. Now we must initialize USB or WiFi if they aren't already started. Right-click again on the PSP icon and check if it is showing "Disable USB/WiFi;" if not, click "Enable USB/WiFi." Now we are ready.
  3. Checking PSP and installing IRShell. To do this, you must check if your PSP is homebrew-able. Go to the initial menu of the PSP, then go to [Settings]>[System Settings]>[System Information] and check if you have any letters (M33, OE, HX etc.). If you have letters, it's a homebrew-able PSP; if not, then try to follow this tutorial before you can continue. (You must have another PSP that is homebrew-able to follow this tutorial.) If you have a custom firmware, then decompress the IRShell file and then install it (copy the folders IRSHELL, PSP and SEPLUGINS to the Memory Stick root (X:/<here is the root>). It will ask if you want to overwrite folders; click "OK.") Now we have IRShell installed.
  4. Setting up PSP wireless connection. Optional step if you will only use USB. Power on the PSP, then go to [Settings]>[Network Settings]>[Infrastructure Mode]>[Scan], then continue configuring your Wireless Connection.
  5. WiFi final setup and starting to enjoy. Optional step if you will only use USB. Now go to the initial menu of the PSP. Go to [Game]>[Memory Stick TM] and run the IRShell icon, wait until it starts, then press the R button plus Start button to run configuration manager. Go down until you find something like "XMB Network for Nethost," then choose the connection that we have created in step 4. Go down to "NetHost IP/Name (AP)" and now go to the computer, [Start]>[Run]. Enter "cmd" when a black screen comes up, put "ipconfig /all" lookup for "IP Address." Save this number on a .txt file or on a paper, now return to the PSP with the "NetHost IP/Name (AP)" highlighted, press "cross," that number you have saved, put it here (the onscreen keyboard of the PSP isn't too difficulty to use :P). When you have finished, to enter that number, press "Start," then it will be back to the configuration manager. Now press "circle" to save settings and return to the IRShell menu.
  6. Accessing PC files via USB/WiFi. When you are in the initial menu of IRShell, choose the icon that is to the left of the USB connection icon or, if you will use wifi, choose the icon that is like circles inside circles (got it?). Now go to the first upper left icon, press "triangle," then go to usbhost0:/(for USB) or nethost0:/(for WiFi). Now you are seeing the files of that folder you have set up in PSPHost. Go to the folder that you have music, videos, homebrew games and press "cross" to play the file. To play many music files, press "circle" in all the files that you want to play (they will become yellow), then press "cross" to execute all of the files.


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