How To Accessorize Your Clothing with Embroidery


Fashion sense in today's society has been increasingly demanding. The commercialization of almost everything made all clothing ready-to-wear. With these increasing demands, every product is introduced as the fashionable style. Style is dictated by fashion houses and distributed in fashion centers worldwide. When these centers release season collections, the whole world follows.

For that, a lot has been lost in uniqueness and individuality. People only follow what styles have been set by media players in the fashion world. Even celebrities are looked up to and are followed for their fashion sense. Every detail of a celebrity's clothing is scrutinized and copied. But you can be fashionable and still maintain your individuality and uniqueness. You can enhance your clothing with some pictures or accessorize it with letters you can embroider.

You do not need to be a master embroiderer or tailor to accessorize your clothing with embroidery. You can always ask somebody else to do that. Or you can just do a portion and you will have fashionable clothing that is very you. If you do not know how to embroider, just follow the steps below:

  1. Find embroidery designs. This should be the first thing you do. Look over the Internet or check catalogs from your local library. The design should be of your own choosing and according to the item you have decided to embroider. Once you have started embroidering your clothing, there is no more turning back. You may damage the clothing if you have to undo the embroidery. Pictures and beads may be used as materials in this embroidery.
  2. Prepare the clothing you want to accessorize. After choosing the design you want to embroider to your clothing, you can now prepare the clothing. This could be your pants, shirts, blouses, ever your underwear. First, mark the parts where you will embroider. You may use a tailor's chalk or pins. Then lay them on a flat surface and fit the design you have chosen. If the design is not of the size that you want, adjust with use of the tailor's chalk. But do this only if you know how to embroider.
  3. DIY. If you know how to embroider, then you will not have any problem at all. You can grab your embroidery kit and start accessorizing. If you are using a picture as an accessory, stitch it to the clothing.
  4. Visit a specialty store or tailor. If you do not know how to embroider, go to your tailor and ask him to do it. Or, you could visit a specialty store and buy some patterns and materials for embroidery. Ask them how to do it and follow the instructions. Usually, embroidery patterns have easy-to-follow instructions.
  5. Iron. After those steps above, iron your clothing to make it look neat and brand new. This will flatten the accessory and make it look smoothly incorporated into the clothing. Cut the excess threads.

Embroidery can be a lot of fun, especially when you take your own clothing and accessorize with it. With this you will always have a unique fashion style and can be a worthy fashion icon in your own right.


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