How To Acquire a Princess Unit in Ogre Battle

Acquiring a Princess unit in Ogre Battle can either be easy or challenging. It would all depend on whether you have the necessary requirements. The steps below will guide you through the process to attain a Princess Unit.

  1. Use the Amazon Unit. To start off on the right track to acquiring a Princess Unit for your army, include an Amazon Unit to your troops. To change the Amazon Unit into a Princess, you need to have a special Amazon item. Special items in Ogre Battle help transform a basic unit to one that has a higher statistic. For this upgrade you need the Royal Crown to transform the Amazon to a Princess Unit. Royal crowns may be found during battles so keep a sharp eye out for one because they can be very hard to find. If it is difficult for you to acquire a royal crown then your only option is to earn it by going through a process.   
  2. Maintain a high reputation and alignment. Your opinion leader will come into play as you can use it to battle enemies that have more statistical points than you do. You need to maintain a high alignment to enable you to acquire the royal crown. The opinion leader is your main character in the game. The kind of character you have is determined by the questions you answered at the beginning of the game. While fighting battles and exploring the map you will be tempted by characters with bad intentions such as pirates and thieves. Do not give in to their invitations and offers to receive money from them. Maintain a good reputation throughout the process to attain the Royal Crown.
  3. Get the Herostar. To get the Herostar item you need to visit the priest at the hidden Roshafallion Temple in the Sharom area. Look for Sharom on your map and then find the temple. When you are at the temple you will receive the Herostar item from the priest. The item will be added to your inventory then you can go on with the process.
  4. Go to Musplem. Musplem’s fearless leader is Slust who is part of a unique Dragoon class. You need to defeat Slust as part of the requirement to acquire a princess unit. You can defeat the boss Slust by adding two sorcerers to cast spells on the boss. The other members of your army will deliver the finishing blows as the sorcerers decrease his HP. After beating Slust, he will now join you, just as long as you still have the Herostar item and your reputation is high. Now you need to go to the city of Chilfa where you will receive the royal crown. Use the crown on your Amazon unit and upgrade her to the Princess Unit.

Defeating the Musplem Boss Slust will be challenging, but try different unit combinations if you cannot defeat him the first time.


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