How To Acquire an American Eagle Silver Dollar

Since 1986, the American Eagle Silver Dollar has become a prized collection. It is admired both for its beautiful "Walking Liberty" and heraldic eagle designs, and its exquisite craftsmanship. It is also an affordable and reliable investment, considered as official legal tender, easily convertible to cash, and far more valuable than its denomination of one dollar owing to its make-up of 99.9% pure silver. However, American Eagle Silver Dollars cannot be acquired directly from the U.S. Mint at West Point, New York, where it is currently produced. The mint only sells collectible Proofs. Instead, the Mint distributes the silver dollars through a variety of coin and precious metal dealers, wholesalers, and investment companies.

Here are some reliable ways of acquiring an American Eagle Silver Dollar:

  1. Authorized dealers. The United States Mint website provides a comprehensive list of both national and local dealers of American Silver Eagle Dollars at Take note of the address and contact details of available dealers to visit or call them. It is also helpful to check first whether a dealer has a website and if they also provide for transactions online.
  2. Silver Eagle Coin Company. The Silver Eagle Coin Company provides discounts to buyers of American Eagle Silver Dollars and Proofs. Some of this discounted merchandise is packaged and presented in beautiful, creative cases which are ideal gifts for family members, friends, and even for a new baby! Orders are placed online at with the use of check or money order, online credit cards, or telephone (toll-free) credit cards. Other helpful transaction details are also posted on the site.
  3. American Historic Society. The American Historic Society has been selling silver and other coin collectibles for more than 35 years. They have a variety of silver coins, including the much-coveted American Eagle Silver Dollar. They even have unique pieces such as the Iwo Jima Silver Dollar and Stamp Collection, complete with a sample of sand enclosed in a clear capsule, taken from the beach at Iwo Jima itself! You can browse through their merchandise and order online at
  4. Austin Coin Collecting Society. The Austin Coin Collecting Society provides an online catalog for rare U.S. Mint coins in their website located at You can order American Eagle Silver Dollars by calling their specialists on rare coins at 1-800-668-9419.

Before buying, make sure to go over brochures and catalogs to see what is available and take note of variations in prices. This is such a reliable investment, especially at a time when the government continues to acquire a massive national debt by borrowing money for bailouts. It is reliable because in the history of finance, precious metals like silver or gold used in currency trading have a long-standing value. Foreign currency trading or global FOREX trading using fiat money may be profitable in the short run, but it is unstable because of fluctuations in purchasing power.

Whether you are someone who avidly collects coins, wants to easily acquire a sure investment, or someone just looking for a practical and unique gift for a loved one, an American Silver Eagle Dollar is a perfect choice. It is both beautiful and unique, a piece of history and excellent craftsmanship in your possession. It is also a reliable investment, ensuring you of its remarkable market value and liquidity.


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