How To Acquire Keldorn in Baldur's Gate 2

Baldur's Gate 2 is a computer role-playing game (RPG) based on the mechanics of the pen-and-paper RPG, Dungeons and Dragons. It's a sequel whose plot starts where the first Baldur's Gate game ends. As in the first game, the player can pick up allies (non-player characters or NPCs) as he progresses. The NPC Keldorn is one such ally. His character class is a paladin, which means that he is fairly proficient in physical combat, better at fighting undead creatures, has some healing abilities, and can dispel magic. If your character is lacking in these areas, Keldorn would be a good ally to acquire.

  1. Go to the Temple District. The game takes place in a country called Amn which is divided into several areas or districts. Each area has its own set of challenges and quests and the allies you could possibly meet are also scattered in these areas. Keldorn is located in the Temple District. Your character will meet him in the sewers - a lower area where the quests specific to that district actually begins. The game however is designed in such a way that some areas only become accessible after certain quests in preceding areas have been completed or at least started. This means that you will have to escape the dungeon where your arch enemy Irenicus imprisoned you (this is actually the starting area of the game), go through the initial quests in Waukeen's Promenade (the area that immediately follows when you exit the dungeon), and then proceed to the Slums District where an important event in the game's plot must initially be triggered.
  2. Take on the Unseeing Eye quest. Allies in the game are tied to specific quests. These quests serve as triggers that tell the game to generate the NPC at his or her designated location. So it's not enough to simply go to the sewers beneath the Temple District, you also have to start the Unseeing Eye quest. If you don't satisfy this condition, Keldorn will never appear. This particular quest is launched the first time you enter the Temple District. You'll encounter a crowd on the street listening to someone preaching about a new cult called the Unseeing Eye. Allow this event to run its course, and when the crowd disperses, a priest will approach you and ask for your help in investigating this new cult. Accept the priest's request and offer your aid through the game's dialogue interface. When you go down to the sewers, Keldorn will be there. Click on his image to initiate a dialogue. You'll discover through your conversation that he's been tasked with the same mission. Invite him then to join your party.
  3. Consider alignment compatibility. Alignment is a character feature in Dungeons and Dragons game mechanics which states if your character or NPCs you might encounter are 'good', 'neutral' or 'evil'. In Baldur's Gate 2 NPC alignments dictate how they will interact with you and other NPCs in your party. Being a paladin, Keldorn is 'lawful good' in alignment. This means that he won't join your party (and may even possibly attack you on sight) if your character has an evil alignment. If your character's alignment is good but you have other allies that are evil, he will join your party but will be hostile towards evil NPCs in your party. This hostility could build up and eventually lead to Keldorn breaking his alliance with you and possibly attacking the evil NPCs in your party.

Allies or NPCs in Baldur's Gate 2 have their own unique strengths and can help you resolve the various challenges of the game. But they also have their limitations, and you need to be mindful of these and figure out the best way to position and utilize them. These NPCs have limited artificial intelligence 'personalities'. This means you will also have to be conscious of how you interact with them.


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