How To Acquire Reis in Final Fantasy Tactics

Reis Duelar or Reis Dular from Final Fantasy Tactics was engaged with the Temple Knight, Beowulf Cadmus. Unfortunately, the Glabados Priest, Bremondt, was also besotted with her. Bremondt lavished Reis with gifts and money but she already had her eyes set on Beowulf. Because of this, Bremondt removed Beowulf’s rank as Captain of the Gryphon Knights of Bremondt, marked him as a heretic, and also intended to curse him. However, Reis sacrificed herself for Beowulf, pushing him away and having Bremondt’s curse hit her.  The curse transformed Reis into a Holy Dragon. Once recruited, Reis is a good addition to your Final Fantasy Tactics party, and here’s how you can do it:

  1. Make sure to add the necessary person in your party. The requirements in order for you to add Reis to your party are reaching Level Four of the game, and having Mustadio included in your party. Travel to the Goug Machine City and make sure to view the scene ‘Steel Ball’, where Mustadio’s father is boasting about a large steel ball he excavated which has an Aquarius sign on the surface.
  2. Proceed to Coal City Goland. From Goug Machine City, proceed to Coal City Goland where you will find a bar and can listen in on rumors about monsters under the mines.
  3. Proceed to a city called Lesalia. From the world map choose Lesalia, where you will meet Beowulf, the Temple Knight. Agree with Beowulf’s offer to tag along with your party back to the Coal City Goland.
  4. Fight with the monsters of Goland mines. Your party, along with Beowulf, will face different monsters until you reach the bottom of the mine where a Holy Dragon is being assaulted by the Archaic Demon and Plagues. Fight with them to save the Holy Dragon, who is actually Reis, and whom Beowulf intended to find and save in the first place. By this time, Reis is a guest whom you have not yet acquired as a member of your party. Go back to the Goug Machine City and view the ‘Steel Ball’ scene again.
  5. Go to the Zarghidas Trade City. Once in the trade city, go and purchase Aeris’ flower from a girl. This is only a one-time chance in the game so might as well grab it. And then, go back to the Goug Machine City and view the ‘Steel Ball’ scene yet again.
  6. Go to the castle of Zeltennia. Proceed to the bar to listen in on rumors about a hidden temple in a cursed isle, and you will have ‘Nelveska Temple’ on the world map.
  7. Proceed to the Nelveska Temple to battle. Battle with a robot in Nelveska Temple and after winning the Cancer Zodiac, go back to the castle of Zeltennia.

The Cancer Zodiac Stone will then be used to turn Reis back to her human form. Once Reis is back to her human form, this is when she can be recruited to be part of your party.


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