How To Acquire Skelly in Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross is a role-playing game designed for Sony PlayStation, which features the protagonist Serge. Serge is a teenage boy who aims to face the alternate world where he died when he was still a child, traveling all over the El Nido archipelago. In one of Serge’s and his party’s quests around the archipelago, he encounters a skeleton who introduces himself as Skelly. Skelly used to be a circus clown, who was one day killed and had his bones scattered all over the El Nido archipelago. His spirit stayed in his skull and made a disturbance in Fossil Valley. Help out Skelly assemble his body and you can have him added to your party. Here are the steps to acquire Skelly in the RPG Chrono Cross:

  1. Start playing the game and proceed to Fossil Valley. Fossil Valley is where Skelly’s skull is making a disturbance. Once you have reached Fossil Valley, proceed to the rope bridge and speak to the guard. Advise him that you are the exorcist and go on until you reach the top of Fossil Valley.
  2. Look for Skelly’s skull and agree to help him out. On the large rock protruding on top of Fossil Valley, you will find Skelly’s skull. Choose the dialog option agreeing to help him out in finding the rest of his body. Now proceed to the north exit with your party to leave the Fossil Valley.
  3. Head to the Shadow Forest to find Skelly’s shoulder blades. Upon reaching Shadow Forest, go towards the northwest direction where you will find a cave behind a little waterfall. There will be a notebook lying on the cave floor, and beneath it, you will find Skelly’s shoulder blades.
  4. Speak with the trader in Guldove and perform an exchange. Once you reach the city of Guldove, proceed to the harbor and speak with a trader near the water. Exchange any item you can, and on the dialog box, select the option to accept the strange bones she has for trade. You will then be traded with Skelly’s pelvic bone.
  5. Locate Skelly’s backbone. Skelly’s backbone can be found in Hydra Marsh. Proceed to the western part of the area where you will find a cavern. Locate Skelly’s backbone on a pile inside the cavern.
  6. Get Skelly’s ribs from an explorer in Water Dragon Isle. Once you are in Water Dragon Isle, proceed up north and speak with a man near the cliff because he will be the one handing you Skelly’s ribs.
  7. Find the rest of Skelly’s bones in the Isle of the Damned. Proceed to a cave in the northwest area of Isle of the Damned. When you get there you will find a large hole with a pile of bones which belongs to Skelly.

Once you find all of Skelly’s bones, you will have to travel to Termina in Another World to find his Grandmother. Skelly will then be reassembled, will leave the house and go back in, and that’s the time he will join your party. Skelly may be hard to recruit but he has balanced stats which is good for your party.


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