How To Acquire the Bard Grobnar in Neverwinter Nights 2

In Neverwinter Nights 2, a player can acquire various non-player characters or NPCs as companions. These are allies that join your adventuring party and help you overcome the challenges you'll face in the game. There are a total of ten NPCs that can potentially become companions but the game allows only a maximum of 3 at a time to join your party. Grobnar, a gnome bard, is one such potential companion.

1. Meet Grobnar at Old Owl Well. Neverwinter Nights 2 story is divided into three acts and there are several areas your character will need to travel to in each act to progress in the game. Your character will encounter most of the various possible NPC companions in the first act. Grobnar is located at the Old Owl Well area. The need to travel to this area arises when you're well into the first act. After reaching the city of Neverwinter, you will be given a choice of either joining the City Watch or the Thieves Guild. Choose to be a part of the City Watch and complete the several missions that will be given to you. All these tasks are done within Neverwinter. The final mission however will require you to go to Old Owl Well to look for a missing emissary from Waterdeep. The first time you enter Old Owl Well you'll see a gnome bard performing by the side of the road. This is Grobnar. Click on him to initiate a dialogue.

2. Listen to Grobnar's tale and believe it. After the greetings and such, Grobnar will tell you that he camped out there because he hopes to attract the attention of a Wendersnaven. These are mythical creatures that gnomes believe in but it is unconfirmed whether they actually exist. Be careful not to choose statements in the dialogue interface that dismiss Wendersnavens as fairy tales or something to that effect. To successfully acquire Grobnar as a companion, you have to tell him that you also believe in the existence of these creatures. The conversation thread will finally lead to choices where you can invite him to join your party. Do so and he will accept your invitation.

3. Raise your Influence score to maintain him in your party. Neverwinter Nights 2 employs an Influence system to figure out the outcome of your character's interaction with NPC companions in your party. Your Influence score may be different for every NPC companion as it increases or decreases based on your dialogue/action choices. When you say or choose to do something that agrees with a particular NPC's personality then your Influence score with that NPC gains points. As your Influence score improves so does your alliance or bond with that NPC and you get more dialogue and action options. Conversely when Influence with an NPC companion continuously drops, he or she may eventually leave your party. If you want to retain Grobnar, you have to be careful with what you say to him, what you do around him and the tasks that you make him do.

Gnomes are often cast as comic relief in the Neverwinter Nights games. Meanwhile bards are frequently thought of as weak jack-of-all-trades characters. Players however often forget that bards, even gnome bards, have high Charisma scores and therefore have potentially strong Persuasion, Intimidate or Bluff skills. Not all the challenges in the game can be resolved through physical strength. Sometimes you can actually just talk your way through a dangerous situation. Grobnar can provide you that advantage.


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