How To Acquire the Excalibur Sword in Final Fantasy 4

Final Fantasy 4 is a console-role playing game that presents the quests of Cecil and his party in an attempt to ward off the evil deeds of Golbez. Acquiring the Excalibur Sword will benefit Cecil loads, but it will take a lot of time and effort to do so, as it involves acquiring prerequisite objects and convincing the Blacksmith to forge the Excalibur Sword for you. Follow these steps in order for you to acquire the Excalibur Sword in the game Final Fantasy 4.

  1. Travel to the Underworld on board the hovercraft. Follow through with the quests at the beginning of the game before traveling to the Underworld. It is important that the hovercraft you are using already has the drill attached to it.
  2. Travel to eastern part of the Underworld to find the Town of Summoned Monsters. On board the hovercraft that was modified by Cid, you will find an island on the eastern part of the Underworld. Once you have landed on the island, you will find a cave that will lead to the Town of Summoned Monsters.
  3. Find the item called ‘Rat Tail’. Explore the Town of Summoned Monsters to find the ‘Rat Tail’ item. You have to open all the treasure chests you can find in the town to get a hold of the ‘Rat Tail’.
  4. Travel to the town called Silvera. Leave the Underworld by drilling your way out back to the Overworld on the map. To get to the town of Silvera, you will need the old airship you have used before, and just attach the hovercraft you used in the Underworld with the use of the hook on the old airship. Make a landing to Silvera and use the hovercraft to travel on water.
  5. Find the cave where you can get the Adamant Ore. Search for a cave while on board the hovercraft. Once you find it, enter and speak with a man inside who will accept to exchange your ‘Rat Tail’ item with his Adamant Ore. After acquiring the Adamant Ore, travel back to the Underworld on your hovercraft.
  6. Ask the Blacksmith to forge the Excalibur Sword for you. Once you are back in the Underworld, travel towards the southeast part where you will find the Blacksmith’s house. Speak with the Blacksmith who will agree to make the Excalibur Sword after taking the Adamantine Ore that your party has acquired earlier.

Leave and complete other quests after giving the Adamant Ore to the Blacksmith. Go back later to the Blacksmith’s house and that is when you will get the Excalibur Sword he has made.


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