How To Acquire the Mercenary Rachel in Vay

In the sci-fi role-playing game Vay for Sega consoles, the quiet kingdom of Lorath was suddenly attacked by an army of robots. This army of robots was released by the Danek Empire with the primary goal of world domination. The attack of the robots happened while in the middle of the wedding ceremony of Prince Sandor and Lady Elin. The kingdom was left in devastation, Prince Sandor's parents were killed in the attack, and Lady Elin was also kidnapped by one of the robots. In order to avenge his parents, rescue Lady Elin and bring back the peace in the kingdom of Lorath, Prince Sandor will undergo numerous quests. Adding Rachel, a soldier for hire, as a permanent character to in his party will help him in numerous battles moving forward. Follow these steps in order for you to acquire the mercenary Rachel in the game Vay.

  1. Play the game until you reach the proper level. Follow through the game until you reach Level 8 and complete the necessary tasks such as upgrading the weapons in the city of Coryan.
  2. Go to a bar in Coryan. Once you are in the bar and get to speak with a customer and the bartender inside, you will be told about a mercenary named Rachel. Having to speak with them at the bar is important, because if you do not do this, you will not get to encounter Rachel in the game.
  3. Travel up north to the Droust Cave where you will encounter Rachel. Leave the town of Coryan and up north on the second level of the Droust Cave you will find Rachel fighting.
  4. Help Rachel out with her fight and add her to your party. On the second level of Droust Cave you will find Rachel losing to a creature called Night Gaunt. Help her fight against Night Gaunt. You can use flame to help her in defeating the monster. After the battle that you helped her out with, Rachel will join your party.

Rachel loves to be in the middle of the battle and she relies strongly on brute force to win against her opponent. She is very talented and that makes up for her limited magical abilities. Given this, you now know that it is important for you to arm her with the necessary powerful weapons to have her performing at her maximum potential. Consider arming her with the weapon called Battle Axe. Now Rachel can help you out in your quest to finding the five legendary orbs that will bring down the Danek Empire.


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