How To Add Character to Shadowbox Frames

Shadowbox frames are great for displaying either pictures or three dimensional display items. They can have glass cover over the front of them or not, but the problem is that most of them, unlike traditional picture frames, are typically very dull. There are some good ways to add some character to your shadowbox frames, that is very cheap.

  • Etched Glass - If your shadowbox has a glass cover, you can add some etching to your shadowbox frame with some easy to use etching cream, reusable stencils. Find a phrase or make one of your own that represents the pictures in your frame. Are they pictures of your child’s first Christmas? Well, “Baby’s first Christmas” and the year work very well. If the pictures fill the frame well, then do not keep the etching cream on for more than a few minutes, otherwise it will cover up the photos. Even just some well placed embellishments can add a lot of class and character to your shadowbox frame. You do not need a large container of etching cream, as three ounces can cover a large amount of stencils, and many types of etching cream can be reused.
  • The Frame - If you have pictures of your children or family on the beach, and want to put them all in one shadowbox frame, you can use some of the shells you may have collected on the beach, and some craft glue to make a very unique, and very special shadowbox frame. If your frame has a glass cover on it, add a thin layer of sand on the bottom, and some sea shells to give more dimension to your shadowbox frame. If they are winter pictures, some fake snow, maybe a miniature snowman inside of the frame along with the pictures will add a nice touch. You could also take some pictures of your family playing in leaves during the fall, and add some of those leaves to your frame.
  • Acrylic Paints and Stencils - There are also some simple additions you can make to your frame with acrylic paints and stencils. Again, look at the uniting theme or colors in your frame, and using some season appropriate paint stencils, you can paint the outside to match the season the pictures show, or even the decor of your home. Using stencils means that if you are not a talented painter, you can still add some beautiful embellishments to your shadowbox frame.


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