How To Add Flowers to Floral Foam

Spending your summer growing and cultivating a beautiful cut flower garden provides you with an abundance of  flowers that you can use to brighten up and to beautify your home.   If you'd like your flowers to have more style and to last longer you may want to try making some beautiful arrangements using floral foam.  This foam is used by florists in a variety of containers and is easy to work with.  In no time you'll have created your very own professional looking flower arrangement.

First you should soak your floral foam, submerge it into a bucket of water, some suggest that you mix in plant food to help nourish the flowers and prolong their beauty.  Let the foam soak in the water on its own until it sinks so it's fully saturated, forcing it will not work as only the outside will be wet.  The foam will rise to the surface when it's full.  You are ready to move onto finding the right container for your flowers.

Be sure to choose a water proof container.  If you've chosen a larger container you will need to secure the foam with a prong that you can get at the florist or at a craft store.  Secure the prong at the bottom of the container using florist clay and then push the floral foam down onto the prong.  You can skip this step if you've chosen a jug or a vase where the foam will contour to the design.  You may want to use floral tape to make sure the foam is even more secure, especially if your flower arrangement will be top heavy.  Simply use the tape to form a plus sign on the foam, being sure to secure it at all 4 sides.

Next comes the fun part for you, creating a beautiful flower arrangement in the floral foam.  This is often really a matter of your own personal style and taste.  There are many schools of thought on how to do it properly.  Some insist that you must start at the middle and work your way to the outer edges and some feel that you are wrong if you don't arrange your flowers from the outside and work inward.   You should have a general idea in mind before you start placing your flowers into the foam. Poking hole after hole into the floral foam tends to weaken it so does try to limit the times you put a flower in and pull it out.

Floral foam can reused, the trick to that is to leave it wet, letting it dry out tends to ruin the foam. It is an inexpensive, easy and versatile way to make beautifully decorative flower arrangements of your own.


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