How To Add Rhinestones to a Boring Picture Frame

With some glue and rhinestones, you can turn an otherwise dull picture frame into a beautiful masterpiece. This is especially applicable to a picture frame that is left lying useless around the house. Breathe new life into it by making use of your creative instincts and by following the step-by-step guide below.

  • Choose a picture frame. You can use any kind of picture frame for this project: old or new, big or small, white or black, round or square. Only make sure that the borders of the picture frame are wide enough to accommodate rhinestones. If you already have a picture frame, take time to clean its borders with a damp cloth. If there are rough stains along the borders, use alcohol and an old toothbrush. Gently scrub the borders until the stain disappears. Then, rinse the borders with a damp cloth. Dry the picture frame with another cloth or paper towel.
  • Prepare the rhinestones. Rhinestones come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. So if you can’t figure which to use, just remember to choose those you think will best complement your picture frame. If you can’t settle for just one kind of rhinestone, you can combine different types just as long as you arrange them in an organized and pleasing manner.
  • Start to lay the rhinestones on the frame borders. Carefully put the rhinestones on the borders following a pattern. For instance, you can make a heart at the top center of the frame, or create a single file of rhinestones on each border. You can think of any pattern you want: flower, small circles, or stars. Or if you want, you can follow no pattern at all. Just randomly place the rhinestones anywhere you want. It all depends on your creativity actually. If you’ve already designed the borders, study the frame a few steps away and see how the design looks. Then, determine if you need to add more rhinestones or change an aspect of the design.
  • Glue the rhinestones. After designing the borders, you can begin gluing the rhinestones. Take one rhinestone at a time and put a dot amount of glue at the rhinestone spot. Then, carefully put the rhinestone back. Using one finger, press the rhinestone into its place. Don’t press too hard because that will move the rhinestone out of its place. Rather, press very gently. Now, repeat the procedure until all the rhinestones are glued.
  • Allow the glue to dry. When you have already glued all the rhinestones, wait for a few minutes for the glue to completely dry. Remember to refrain from touching or moving the picture frame. Once it’s ready, you can put a picture in the frame and place it in an area of your choice.

Further explore your creativity by adding beads, dry leaves, mini shells, and scrapbook materials to the picture frame. Glue them to the borders in the same way you glue rhinestones. Don’t over-design the picture frame, though. Remember that the rhinestones and other materials are only embellishments and the main attraction is still the photograph.


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