How To Add Rhinestones to a Picture Frame

If you would like to add rhinestones to a picture frame there are several approaches you may want to consider. Think about what another person may like if you are using this as a gift. Here's how to add rhinestones to a frame.

  • When purchasing the rhinestones you will add to a picture frame, consider buying different sizes and colors. Rhinestones are relatively inexpensive, and easily applied with nail glue. Be sure to have a second bottle of nail glue handy. If you are not nimble fingered you may want to buy a pair of tweezers designed for holding the rhinestones.
  • For projects with children, the rhinestones can be glued to frames with school glue. While the stones may not seem to be attached as well with something other than nail glue, you really do not want kids using nail glue. This is a great rainy day project, and also a great way to get kids involved with making gifts for others.
  • Using a plain piece of paper lay out the design you are thinking of using on the picture frame. You can use shapes, such as hearts, triangles or squares. Initials and names are easy to do if you have a large enough frame. Also, phrases can be made with the stones if you are making a display of someone's achievement in photos.
  • Other ideas for designs could be straight lines of rhinestones in different sizes, or lines of rhinestones in different colors. Rhinestones just in the corners of the picture frame might be a look you will like. Also, rhinestones that seem to drift off the frame onto the glass in a swirly or flower pattern might be nice.
  • Putting rhinestones in just the corners of the pictures will require you to decide how many rhinestones make a good corner. This is just a personal choice. You can put two or three lines of rhinestones mimicking the corners of the frame in different colors, or use one row of larger stones.
  • To make flowers with rhinestones, simply place a small stone for the center of the flower with larger stones forming a circle around the center stone. Spacing the stones a bit apart will give a different look to the flowers. Using two colors on the outside circle will also add the appeal of the flower. If you feel the flowers need stems use small rhinestones in a third color, or the color of the center stone.
  • Begin by adding a small amount of nail glue to the area of your first rhinestone. Nail glue is almost impossible to undue, so be fairly sure you are happy with the pattern.
  • When covering an entire picture frame without using a particular design, think about using several sizes of rhinestones to give your frame a bit more interest.

Adding rhinestones to a picture frame is an easy project that makes a nice gift. If this is your intention, consider wrapping in a nice gift box including the directions for making such a frame.


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